A name is the beacon for any business. Explore the article below to get an idea on how to select a name for your business.

How To Select A Name For Your Business

As the saying goes “it’s all in the name”, so for any business choosing the right name is of utmost importance. A name is the public face of the business and also its representative. It is the upholder of the reputation and also gives an identity to the business. While selecting names, make sure that the name has a very clear and perfect meaning. Go through dictionaries and thesaurus to find that appropriate name. Many people use their own name for their business and it is a good idea but in that name, there won’t be most of the criteria listed below, for a successful business name. Also using the names of celebrities or personalities can be good for marketing, but there won’t be a separate identity, which is the characteristic of a successful business. Ultimately, the name and the business should go hand in hand. Read the article below to get some information on how to select a name for your business.
How To Choose A Name For Your Business

Easy To Remember
Memory is but a fleeting moment. To stay in the mind, a name should be easy to remember. So, decide on a name that is easy to pronounce and spell. Customers and clients must find it simple to search your business from other sources. Having a complicated name, even if it is unique, will be a severe blow to the brand image. Ultimately, it is the name, that should act as its advertisement and the name should be such that it easily comes to the mind.

Attractive And Unique
A name should be such that it attracts the attention of the customers and clients. To have an attractive name is an added bonus, though it is not an absolute necessity. However, it must be unique. The name should stand apart from the rest to give it more visibility. When a name is both attractive and unique, it can sometime takeover the product or business. Like Xerox, the name of a photocopying manufacturing company, is now used to describe the process of photocopying itself. 

Keep It Short
A short name is easy to remember, attractive and unique. A short name also stands out as a powerful tool of the business. However, in your quest for a short name don’t jumble up some abbreviations. Unless the company is famous, abbreviated names are a disadvantage. Many a time, people remember the abbreviated name but have no clue about the business it represents. 

Mirror The Business
As far as possible, select a name that reflects what the business is all about. A good name will give people a generalized idea of the business even if they have heard it for the first time. For a recently started business, it is excellent as the name itself will act for its promotion. 

Positive Effect
Choose a name that delivers a positive effect on the customers and clients. The name should convey the strength and reliability of the business. Positive effect also means that the name has an emotional appeal. People tend to accept those businesses that captivate their emotional sensibilities. 

It is not hard to find a name that reflects your business if you are creative. Use a name that is catchy and also appeals visually. See how it will look in the logo, letterhead, or business card.

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