An extensive vocabulary is a requisite for good communication. Read the article below to know more on how to increase your word power.

How To Increase Word Power

To express with clarity and to communicate coherently and logically requires only one thing and that is words. Words are the bricks that build up the foundation of any language and so a good word power is not only a necessity but also an obligation. Lack of an efficient vocabulary hinders effective communication and spreads misunderstanding. Increasing the word power is a very interesting journey and the added advantage is the power it gives in our hands. It gives us the freedom to choose how we express ourselves. No doubt, great orators enthrall the audience not only with the content of their speech, but also with the quality of their language. Every year thousands of new words are added to the human lexicon and hundreds of other words get ‘extinct’. Thus, it is also important to keep oneself updated. So, if you want to increase your word power, read the article below to know more on how to get started on it.
Tips For Increasing Your Word Power 

Read Extensively
Reading is the most effective and efficient way to develop excellent word power. Cultivate a habit of reading regularly. Newspapers and magazines are a good way to start but later graduate to more exclusive readings. Newspapers and magazines use a limited vocabulary to facilitate the lay reader. So, when you have developed the habit of reading, shift to reading novels, particularly English classics, and magazines like the ‘Reader’s Digest’ and ‘The New Yorker’. Reading also keeps the words rotating through your mind, because you are sure to encounter the words many times. Read widely so that you encounter a variety of words. 

Listening is the key to any good conversation. When you listen, you may come across some words that you don’t know. Note these down so that you can look it up later. Words, which you find out by listening are also easy to remember, and also you can get an idea in which context it was used. Listen to the speeches of great orators and learn how various words were used. Try using alternative words and see if the effect is as good. In this way, you can realize the exact usage of a particular word. Listening carefully will also throw up many words, which you have forgotten due to non-usage. 

Every word has a history. Involve yourself in finding out the origin and history of words and by the time you finish, that word would have been ingrained in your mind. Studying the etymology of words will also familiarize you with the other words of its family. Moreover, when you know the story of the word, you will automatically learn the word. This is also a good way to keep the words in your fingertips and not somewhere in the mind where you cannot find it. 

Check Unfamiliar Words
Don’t bypass any unfamiliar words. Make a note of any unfamiliar words you find and then check the usage and meaning, and then commit it to memory. You can encounter unfamiliar words every day, and checking and using them can increase your word power to a great extent. In addition, when you see any unfamiliar word, make a note of the context in which it is used. Because in the English language, in many words, the meaning changes according to the context in which it is used. 

Solve Crosswords
Crosswords are word games that stimulate the brain and give you an understanding on how to use them. 

Use The Words You Learn
Adopt the words you learn into your daily vocabulary. If you don’t, then it’s very easy to forget them. Using words will also make you take interests in the words. However, don’t throw high flowing words simply for the sake of showing off. You will only be open to ridicule. And make sure that you have a complete understanding of the words you are using. It is better to know the usage of twenty words then to know two hundred words and not know how to use them.

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