Improve your memory, comprehend information better and think faster by increasing your brain power through some effective tips. With this article, learn how to increase brain power.

How To Increase Brain Power

While life is nothing but a series of challenges, one does not necessarily have to be Albert Einstein or Stephen Hawking to use his brain. The higher center of the nervous system, the brain takes control of the sensation and motor function of the body. And most important of all, the human brain practices brain power or cognition. Recognition, conception, sensing, thinking, reasoning, remembering and imagining are few of the many aspects that comprise of the brain power. However, a human being uses only 2% of the total mental resources. This can be easily increased by following certain techniques regularly. They not only increase brain power, but also keep the mental faculties in good shape. Given here are some tips that would effectively help in boosting your brain power.
Tips For Increasing Brain Power
Sit Straight
Our posture greatly affects our thinking process. Try solving mental mathematics while slouching and looking at the floor with your mouth wide open. Then sit up straight and solve the same math problem with your mouth shut and looking forward or slightly upwards. You will notice the difference in thinking while trying these two positions. The latter position would definitely help you to think easily and comfortably.
Breathe Deeply
The more air you breathe in, the more oxygen you would be supplying to your blood and brain, in particular. Breathe through your nose and you will notice, for yourself, more air traveling to your lungs. Deep breaths also enhance relaxation, which is important for clearer thinking.
Utilize Dead Time
Time that is wasted or under-utilized is termed as dead time. You are simply wasting your time, while you indulge in driving, spending time in waiting rooms or even raking your yard. Instead of simply killing your time in unnecessary and useless activities, get up and walk up to the public library. You can either read books or listen to books-on-tape. Imagine what you could have learned if you had not spend 200 hours a year on watching soaps and serials? Isn’t it better to grab some knowledge through various sources rather than staying idle?
Start Writing
There are numerous benefits of writing, especially for your brain. Once you have jotted down your thoughts, it becomes easy for you to recall them in the future, whenever required. Writing is the best way to exercise your creativity and analytical abilities. Inculcate the habit of writing diaries, idea-journals, poetry, note-taking and story-writing to boost your brain power.
Sleep Better
Get a sleep of about eight hours and notice the difference in your quality of work. The longer you sleep, the more recharged your brain will be, thereby delivering better work. Additionally, short naps in the afternoon do wonders in refreshing your brain and mind. However, sleeping does not mean you doze off for 15 hours only to wake up and have some food and then doze off again. Excess of sleep is also harmful. 
Your physical health is directly proportional to the efficient working of your brain. The healthier you are, the more effective will be your brain power. Researches indicate that a 10-minute aerobic workout instantly improves brain power. Thus, the next time you need an instant brain power boost up, simply walk up and down the stairs a few times.
Avoid Allergic Foods
Foods, like wheat, corn, sugar, peanuts and dairy products may cause subtle allergies. In case you have a problem with any of these foods, stay away from them. They cause digestive problems and brain fog in people. Also, avoid consuming pasta, sugar, white bread and potato chips before any important mental tasks.

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