Is your guy a green-eyed monster? Check out the signs of jealous boyfriends to know how green your guy is. Here is more on jealous boyfriend signs.

Jealous Boyfriend Signs

Imagine this: You and your guy are seated in a coffee shop happily gabbing over steaming espresso when a cute guy walks in and stops at your table.  You are thrilled to see your former flame and as you introduce your ex to your guy, you see his fists tighten and catch him muttering a swear under his breath. No biggie, right? A little jealousy is a healthy sign, perhaps a cute way of telling how much your guy is into you. However, if your guy folds up his sleeves and lands a punch right on your ex’s face, perhaps it’s a sign to grab your bag and move on. A jealous boyfriend is never the easiest person to deal with! No matter how much you try to reason with them, they will not stop accusing you of cheating and infidelity. While your guy may think that he is toiling hard to keep you, nonetheless, his extreme ways can set you running. If your guy exhibits severe jealousy traits, then it’s time to put your foot down and say ‘no’ to the abuse. Read on to know more on jealous boyfriend signs.
Signs Of Jealous Boyfriends 

He Gets Angry When You Look At Other Guys
If you thought that guys are immune to jealousy, here is a little quickie for you. Men can get insanely jealous if they feel threatened by another man. So if you think that your Mr. Cute is all goody-goody, just try throwing furtive glances at a dude passing by or talking to a guy sitting next to you and see your man pitch a fit. 

He Hates Your Buddies
Does your guy storm out of the room every time you discuss your pals? Does he dodge you with verbal bullets every time you mention your best friend? Guys can get extremely mean when it comes to their girls’ friends, especially their male chums. So if your guy sees red every time you hang out with your friends or bring a friend in, it’s time to take a reality check! 

He Doubts You Of Having An Affair
Does your guy often accuse you of cheating on him with your colleague and cannot stand the fact that you work in the company of good-looking men? Does he occasionally surprise you at work by dropping in without any prior notice? Jealous men can get extremely suspicious when it comes to their girlfriends. So if your guy is secretly convinced that you are dating your colleague in office, you better sit up and reason with him. 

He Is Suspicious
Does your guy check traffic reports to see if you were really stuck in traffic? Does he ransacks your belongings in your absence, looks into your purse for telephone numbers, and sniffs your dress for male redolence? There is no cure for an overly suspicious boyfriend. So if your boyfriend behaves less like your guy and more like a spy from a private detective novel, it’s time to run! 

He Makes A Scene In Public
Does your guy hit you in public and abuse you every time you do something he doesn’t approve of? Does not matter whether you are traveling by a public bus, eating in a crowded bistro or seated in your living room, your Mr. J will not stop to consider anything when the green-eyed monster strikes. So if your guy doesn’t think twice before embarrassing you in public, you better stop going out with him for good. 

He Keeps Tabs On You
Does your man calls you up several times in a day to check where you are, what are you doing and who you are with? Does he scan through your inbox SMSs everyday and checks your cell phone bill for suspicious numbers? If yes, then beware! Your guy is a jealous nut! Instead of being defensive, just give him a piece of your mind. Enough is enough! You cannot bear to stay with a sneaking stag forever.

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