An unfit body posture can weaken the spine & get you slouching over time. Here are a few ways on how to improve your body posture. After all, you wouldn’t like to end up as the Hunchback of Notre Dame

How To Improve Posture

How often have you romanced the idea of losing your paunch without having to toil hours on the treadmill or guzzling gallons of carrot juice? Nothing underlines an unwanted paunch like a sloppy stance. Do away with that spare tire and flaunt a more silhouetted figure, just by holding your body in the right posture. You will be amazed to see what a slimming effect a tall, erect posture can have on you. Now, right posture doesn’t have to mean that you carry a poker-straight body every time, everywhere. Remember, you aren’t vying for a robot-like body! So, dump the myth and work towards a more perfectly coordinated posture. When you let your body sag, you put undue strain on your spine that not only escalates your chronic back pain, but also causes your body to stoop over time. The right posture will not only leave you feeling fit, but you would also get high on confidence. So, in case you are putting in all that extra effort to eat right and exercise right, you might just as well put in some effort to stand, sit and walk right. Here are some ways on how to improve your posture. Take a heed and get trotting!
Improving Posture
  • How often have you slouched in your couch and pinned about your flagging gait? Correct posture is something that doesn’t come easy to most of us and it definitely deserves an all-out effort to stop one from slumping, when expected to stand tall. However, the simple balloon trick can elevate your posture, if not get you flying! All you have to do is stand straight and imagine a balloon tied to your head, trying to heave you upwards. Thinking so will get you posing upright naturally, without unnecessarily stressing your spine. Try this little mind trick every day to do away with the hunch and sport a fitter you!
  • Do you remember being snubbed by your mom, your nanny and even your teacher for bending over your desk when expected to sit erect. While you inadvertently filed away the flak then, you definitely regret now about not having taken a stand then. Nonetheless, it is never too late to work towards a healthy body. Strenuous hours on your chair can get the better of your spine and get it slouching. If you are caught in a desk job, there is indeed no escape from lot of slumping around. Kick the bad habit and dump the chair and get moving. Walking once in every thirty minutes will save your muscles from tiring out and also save you from the hump later on in life!
  • Doesn’t matter if you are hanging out with your friends in the club or reclining in your office cafeteria - always ensure that your posture is correct! It’s important for your body to stand in perfect alignment. Always hold your ears, shoulders and hips in complete coordination.Standing straight doesn’t have to mean that you tense up your back, heave your chest and draw your head back to the chest, which is wrong. All you need to do is to make sure that your ears are aligned with your shoulders and you are done.
  • The way you sit often makes a difference on the way you stand and how you carry yourself. While it is easy to sit erect, getting the right lumbar support can make a big difference. Ensure that your chair’s backrest has a natural curve that fits into the hollow of your back. When seated, always make sure that your spine is in sync with the backrest. Always rest the soles of your feet flat on the floor while seated.
  • This one is especially for the high-heeled ladies out there! Heels are indeed the worse affliction women can subject themselves too. Heels tend to non-align the body posture and alter body’s center of gravity. If you are a heel freak and can’t do without your high-heeled footwear, it’s suggested that you settle for a more modest kitten heels than perch yourself on the stilettos.
  • Last but not the least, when you bend to lift anything, don’t crouch or bend from your waist. Just bend your knees, if you have to bend at all. The cue is to never bend your spine. The more you flex your spine, the more likely you are to be left with a curve posture.

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