You have been getting those sharp stabs of the little green eyed monster, but are not sure that you are feeling jealous? Read the article to explore tips on how to know you are jealous of her.

How To Know You Are Jealous Of Her

One of the basic traits that are often associated with a woman is her enviousness. It seems that feelings of jealousy have been very intricately woven in the behavioral pattern of women.  It takes very little, in most of the women, to trigger off a jealous explosion and they are known to be very competitive in their own way. Feelings of jealousy can be deep rooted in your hidden fears, insecurities or have varied other reasons. However, it is important to recognize and determine whether you are really jealous of any other woman, so that the strife within your mind could be handled well. This article comes up with some valuable tips that will help you to know if you are jealous of her.
Tips to Know You Are Feeling Jealous Of Her
Know Your True Feelings Towards Her
Do you try to compete with her for no real reason? Do you wish you were in her place? Do you greet her with a fake smile almost always? Your reactions and behavior towards a particular woman are an important determinant of your jealousy. You will say harsh things about her and will try to de-credit her from everything, if you don’t want to believe in her positive traits. And, this just proves you are envying her secretly.
Determine Whether You Compete With Her Or Not
We have heard of healthy competition n-number of times and we also know that it is not fostered by jealousy. Jealousy always results in unhealthy competition, which is fierce in nature and many a times, is even visible to others. This is when we may not know that we are actually envious of the person we are trying to compete with. If you have been trying to compete with a woman in almost about every field, even on things that should concern you the least, it is a sure sign of your jealousy.
Know If She Is Weighing On Your Mind  
You may be subconsciously thinking about her always, without even realizing how much time you are devoting to let this green eyed monster prosper. If she has been weighing on your mind unnecessarily, you are right in determining that what you are feeling is jealousy towards her. Your feelings may be continuous, which haunt you even when your competition is not around. If you find yourself scheming on how to establish your self superior to her, what else can it be, other than plain jealousy?
Know If You Are Threatened By Her
If you feel threatened by her and keep dreading that she will prove herself to be better than you, it is a sign of your jealousy being rooted deep in your insecurities. It is actually your covert insecurity that is bothering you and you can't even accept that you really are insecure. This is precisely the reason behind the tendency, in a lot of women, to say harsh things about their subject of jealousy. You find her presence threatening due to your jealousy.

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