The emotion of Jealousy has struck each one of us some time or the other. If you want to know about how to get rid of jealousy, read this article to get an idea for getting rid of jealous feelings.

How To Get Rid Of Jealousy

Every now and then, we all get knocked by this emotion called jealousy which surfaces a virtual storm of negative thoughts and feelings of low self-esteem, anxiety and fear over a probable loss of something that we value. The feeling of jealousy is often marked by mutual emotions like anger, sadness, and disgust. Being jealous can be a normal state, but if not kept in perspective, it can result in irrational judgment and immoral behavior. If jealous thoughts are provided space to develop, they can cause people to hurt themselves and the other related people. Such emotions, if left inside for a long time, can result in bitterness, making the person extremely rude and angry. Given are some ways which if practiced, can help a person to get rid of jealousy.
Getting Rid Of Jealous Feelings
Bring Willpower Into Action
It is rightly said that you can do anything and everything if you have strong willpower. Likewise, you can get rid of jealous thoughts by employing sheer willpower. You can always make your mind to abstain from such emotions, as you always have many better things to do. Though it might be hard and requires much of practice, you can always control jealousy with your will.
Find Better Reasons To Remain Busy
Actually it's an amazing way to eliminate feelings of jealousy. Engage yourself in leisure activities like sports, painting, gardening, browsing net, chatting with friends, traveling, watching favorite movie or TV show, etc. When you make out that jealousy is not going to affect anything in your life, you can easily get something else which makes you feel good.
Divert Your Negative Thoughts
Jealousy is always understood in negative sense. But if dealt in right manner, it can actually work to bring the better out from a person. The jealous thoughts can be poked to encourage the person to accomplish more in life. Many a times, people are jealous of others' richness. So, at that point of time, the jealous thoughts can be diverted to inspire, to work harder in order to get all what the others have.
Leave The Habit Of Comparison
Comparison, more often than not, brings dissatisfaction. We usually compare two people, or sometimes, compare ourselves with others - usually with the people who have more than us. By doing this, we make ourselves unhappy. Each one amongst us is different from the other. So, it's not sensible to be jealous of people who are materially better off than us. We should learn to be thankful and to have a grateful heart as there is always someone less privileged than another.
Be Considerate Of Others
Another good way to refrain jealous thoughts is to make it a practice to think highly of others rather than thinking too highly of ourselves. By making it a practice to care and consider for other people's requirements and wishes more than what we do for ourselves, we will be able to overcome the jealous spirit. In this manner, we can keep the negative feelings of jealousy in perspective and allow ourselves to do something constructive, and actually good, instead of evil.

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