Do you struggle to manage your time properly and feel frustrated at the end of the day? Read the article for some simple and practical time management tips.

How To Manage Your Time

Time management is an art and it is certainly, not easy to perfect it. In the rush to do things on time, we often fall short of our own expectations. There is so much on our mind at any given point of time and it seems, to seek an organized life is like asking for the moon. However, once you know how to manage your time properly, things start falling into place. You will be able to fulfill all your responsibilities and will not feel frustrated due to a dearth of time for everything. Read the article for some useful tips on how to manage your time well as it is very much like managing your life.
Time Management Tips
Make A Time-Table For The Day           
It might sound a little clichéd but it is the basic and most realistic way to begin with. Make a time-table for yourself listing the tasks that you have to complete in a day. It is like a to-do list which will keep reminding you what’s on the agenda for the day. If you struggle to remember things, a time-table will be of immense help. Accordingly, one can set deadlines for accomplishing one’s tasks. However, it is also mandatory to stick to your time-table to achieve the desired results.
Setting your priorities right is very important for being able to manage your time. Determine your priorities to know things that are to be done on a priority basis and what can be delayed for the later part of the day or the week. Sticking to the time-table will not help much if one fails to determine the order in which the tasks are to be done. You may not be able to finish off everything within the stipulated time limit and therefore, it is advisable to begin with tasks that you can’t afford to procrastinate.
Pitch In All The Factors
Sometimes, we fail to factor in, the transportation time and preparation required to get ready to perform a task. In that case, our task will take more time that what we might have assumed and consequentially, we’ll struggle to stick to the time table we have prepared. It is important to mull over all such factors which are capable of eating away a considerable time.
Delegate Responsibilities
Due to a paucity of time, it becomes important to delegate your chores than assuming that no one can do things better than you. It is not a wise thing to do, if managing time is your call. Delegation of responsibilities to juniors and colleagues will be, especially, beneficial at the official level.
Take A Breather

Don’t drown yourself in the sea of responsibilities you have to carry out. You will end up feeling stressed out and totally spent. In a day filled with a maddening flurry of activities, it is essential to take a time-out or break to rejuvenate yourself. Always remember that working to the limit is not the sole aim of your existence. Take a breather, whenever necessary.

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