We are often reminded to make the best use of each day. After all, it is always better to make hay while the sun shines. Read on to know the importance & significance of time management in our lives.

Importance Of Time

Benjamin Franklin rightly said "Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time - for it is the stuff life is made out of". How often do we sit back and ponder upon the importance of time in our life? Though we all are acquainted with the oft repeated affirmations such as “time and tide wait for none”, do we actually understand the coded meaning of it? It is ultimately a choice we make for ourselves. Whether we want to effectively utilize time or lead a haywire life without purpose, it all depends on our time management skills. Time management is a compact set of established principles, skills, practices and tools which when rightfully applied can help you utilize your precious time and accomplish what you want. Time is a scarce and finite resource and the very foundation of proper time management begins with setting up your personal goal and developing your priorities. Quite often, we take time for granted and indulge in activities which are simply nothing, but a serious waste of time. Like a ticking clock, we should keep moving, involving ourselves in learning new things every minute. Just like each minute contributes to an hour and each hour combine to form an entire day, each small task that you do without wasting time counts in achieving your long term bigger goal in life. These inspirational quotes about time and time management tell us about the importance of managing our time wisely.


Importance Of Time Management 

  • You should keep reminding yourself that time is limited. It is a special resource which cannot be stored and saved for later usage. Every man on earth gets the same amount of time each day and how each person utilizes this given time determines his or her eventual success. If you don’t utilize your time wisely, you can never get it back again. It is something which cannot be replenished again.
  • Time is scarce and you must have had a feeling like there is so much left to do, but very little or no time left to do it. Almost always, we go on to blame our unachieved goals, unpleasant relationships, poor finances and even our inability to get enough exercise to the lack of time. However, time management can help you utilize your time in a better way so that all your tasks of primary, secondary and tertiary importance can be accomplished within a specific limit.
  • No matter what you want in life, you need time to get it. Anything worthwhile in life needs time to be achieved. If one sits and waits for the right time to achieve his set goal or waits for some free time to get his work done, he has lost the game already. With a limited time span of 24 hours in each day, time management is all about managing your activities in relation to time and ultimately achieving what you want at the end. You need to learn to utilize time in a way so that you find enough time for things that are important to you.
  • Once you begin to use the improved time management skills and tools, you end up accomplishing more with less effort. Now that you know that time management is in a way a type of self management, you hone yourself in such a way so as to reduce the amount of time you usually wasted. This leaves you with more productive time throughout the day which you can utilize in some other task. This not only allows you to indulge in a wide range of activities, but makes your life a balanced one. 
  • In today’s world, you can spend time in a multiple possible ways. In order to attain success, an intelligent planning on how to utilize the given time needs to be done. Since you have a finite amount of time, it is advisable to choose activities that are of the highest priority to you first. Time management helps you by making conscious choices so that you can spend quality time doing important things that in turn add value to your life.

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