If you find that resolving conflicts with your best friends is impossible, then you are wrong. With the tips given in the article, you will know how to resolve a fight with your best friend.

How To Resolve A Fight With Your Best Friend

Had a fight with your best friend recently? If yes, then by the time you read this article, you would have built-up a hillock of rage and harsh feelings towards him/her. Agreed, having a conflict with your best friend might have given you tense days and sleepless nights. However, instead of coiling into the problem, why don't you find a solution for it? Think about the circumstances that led to the conflict - was it misunderstanding? Was it your fault or your best friend's? Then, arrive at the best possible way to solve the problem. If you want some help, then read the article. Get to know how to resolve a fight with your best friend, through the tips given below.
Resolving Conflicts With Best Friends
  • The first thing to do, after having a fight with your best friend, is to calm down. An annoyed mind would not work sensibly. A series of negative feelings may run through your mind. Therefore, before even thinking about resolving the conflict, you need to give some time to yourself and your pal, to calm down.
  • After both of you calm down, take a pause and see whether your best friend approaches you to resolve the conflict. If yes, then do not be offensive. Be coolheaded, listen to whatever he/she says and then react logically. If he/she doesn't move an inch, then you would have to take the first step. You may now think that you should be approached, especially when you are not at fault. Doing this would not serve the purpose, so you would have to banish all the ego clashes and not hesitate to approach him/her. After all, he/she is your best friend!
  • Make sure that you do not take too much time to prepare yourself for the negotiation. This is because, by taking a long break after the fight, the anger and hard feelings might get multiplied in the mind of your best friend or the same might happen to you as well. The conflict may also get concealed and stay in the mind for a long time, which may prove to be very devastative for the future of your friendship.
  • Now that you have decided to take the first step towards resolving the conflict, push out all the ego from your mind and aim to patch up with your pal. Here comes the importance of the right time and place for resolving conflicts. Your best friend may strongly oppose you from approaching him/her at busy hours, especially when you just had a fight with him/her. Choose a time when both of you would be able to discuss the matter in a relaxed mood.
  • Discuss the issue that has been the root cause of the conflict. Was it anyone's behavior or was it just a misunderstanding due to a certain issue? Going deep into the matter would help you dig out even the minutest thing that is in your friend's mind. However, while doing all this, make sure that you approach the issue with an analytical mind.
  • When the issues of conflict between best friends are unearthed, it may lead to a series of allegations. Try to avoid the blame game, because by blaming each other for the fight, you would only make things worse, rather than solving them. So, think logically.
  • Once you have resolved the fight with your best friend, hug him/her or shake hands, to symbolize that the conflict has been solved. Promise each other that the fight would not be repeated. After patching up with your best friend, you may go for an outing with him/her, to ease the tense mood as well.

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