One of the most common reasons of workplace stress is coworker conflicts, resolving which is very necessary. Explore this article for some tips on how to resolve a conflict with coworkers.

Resolving Coworker Conflicts

Conflicts with coworkers or the boss is the most significant reason why people are unhappy at work. This also turns out to be the main reason for most people leaving jobs. Conflict with a coworker is always challenging and can be harder if you are working closely together. If the conflict involves you, it can become a very disturbing situation. You get tensed up thinking whether the situation will remain the same for the rest of the time you work together or you might be able to solve it. Read through the following lines to know how to address unfortunate incidents and go about resolving coworker conflicts.
How To Resolve A Conflict With Coworkers 
  • Analyze the problem and decide whether it can be resolved on its own or needs some remedial action on your part.
  • Two conflicting people are worse than one conflicting person and can make the situation become too bad. Thus, it is important that you calm down.
  • Depending on the work situation, plan your approach to talk to the other person.
  • Keep a record of all interactions made with your coworker, such as names, dates, times and what was said, and when. It will help you in case things escalate at any point during the conversation.
  • Find out a private place to meet and talk to the person. Spend your lunch at a place where you would not be interrupted by other workmates. Also meet your coworker in person, as emails can generate misunderstandings.
  • While you are addressing the person, stay calm and civil. Patiently, tell him that you want to talk to him away from the other coworkers, to resolve some concerns.
  • Talk to your coworker about the conflict between the two of you. Give him a chance to say what he thinks is the reason for the conflict and then lay your point of view. Further, you both can carry the discussion.
  • In case your coworker is not comfortable talking about the conflict, let him escape. But, if he is ready, then it is a good sign to your efforts of resolving the conflict.
  • Talk about your differing interpretations of the source of the conflict. Most often, the discussion will clear up misunderstandings and diffuse the tension between you two.
  • Keep away from hostility. Do not interrupt and give your coworker a chance to speak as much as he wants to. Do not defend yourself angrily, as this is not the time to attack. Utilize this opportunity to hear your coworker’s mind, get him to think about the problem rationally and convince him to trust you.
  • Avoid being too formal, as this will give an impression of you behaving like your coworker’s boss. Be friendly and speak naturally.
  • Suggest on working on brainstorming solutions to the conflict. If he agrees, talk more at lunchtime or on the telephone or write down things. In time, you would be friends with him once again.
  • If the discussion fails to resolve the conflict, wait and watch before taking any other measures. The discussion is sure to dissipate some of his anger.
  • If the situation is still unresolved or looks to worsen, talk to a trusted supervisor about the problem. Let him mediate and sort things out.

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