Coworkers can help make things friendly but a talkative coworker can make work concentration difficult, urging a need for handling them. Explore the article to know how to handle a talkative coworker.

How To Handle A Talkative Coworker

We all love a friendly and comfortable workplace environment. Having a little chatter at work every now and then is acceptable but when the conversation extends beyond limits, it becomes a serious problem. A coworker who is extensively talkative can make it difficult for you to get the work done. Talkative coworkers can be found in various forms ranging from hen-like morning chatter to the constant complainer to the person hovering around your desk like a starving buzzard. Handling them with politeness and kindness is essential else they can turn you mad. Be kind-hearted and let them know how they tend to be disturbing during work hours. Read on further to know different ways on handling a talkative coworker.
Tips To Deal With Talkative Coworkers 
  • Converse in a friendly manner and tell your coworker honestly that you are working under deadlines and do not have time to talk. It is often that your coworker may not realize that they are talkative or you are under pressure to meet your deadline.
  • If a simple telling does not help, ignore them and intently gaze at the computer screen, stapler or papers strewn across your desk.
  • You can inform all your coworkers that you are busy working so as to not pinpoint the talkative coworker directly or offend them. Let them know that you need to be left alone for the time being.
  • You can allot a different time to talk to your coworker. Let them know that you are occupied with an important project and can converse with them during the lunch hours. It is essential to handle excessive talkers in a very smooth manner in case you do not want to hurt them or lose their friendship.
  • If a coworker has just started the conversation, handle it with a short answer not giving them a chance to speak further or simply ignore the coworker completely.
  • Another option to handle these talkative coworkers is by informing your boss. Let him inform all the employees to keep their personal matters private, focus on the work and avoid chatter.
  • If your coworker is getting on your nerves, move to a different cubicle or office in order to finish the work. Make the move permanent to avoid the talkative coworker, if compulsory.
  • Use phone headsets even when you are not using the phone to show that you are busy with the telephonic conversation.
  • Escort your coworker out of your workplace, may be at the canteen claiming a need for coffee. Chat with them in the break for a few moments and then excuse yourself saying that you have to get back to work.
  • Assign your coworker some of your work so as to keep them busy and avoid the conversation. In time, they will start ignoring your cubicle to avoid falling prey to your work.

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