In order to fix your bad reputation, you need to acknowledge the problem first. For more tips on how to get rid of a bad reputation, check out this article.

How To Get Rid of A Bad Reputation

Your reputation is nothing, but the public opinion about you. In other words, it represents what kind of an image you have, in the eyes of others. Having a good reputation is very important in each and every sphere of life. Whether you want to excel in your career or win the affection of the person you are in love with, a bad reputation will only take you closer to failure. In case you have been stuck with a notorious reputation, be it because of you own faults, untrue rumors or a bad company; it is the time to get rid of the same. We can help you know how to get rid of a bad reputation, through the tips given below.
How To Fix Your Bad Reputation
Know The Truth
If you want to get rid of a bad reputation, you will first have to look at yourself and seek the reality. Is there any truth in what the people say about you? Have you really done something to make people form such an opinion about you? If you want to be objective, seek a second opinion from close friends or family members as well. Unless and until you acknowledge that a problem exists, you will not be able to trace its very roots and solve it.
Take Action
If you feel that there is some truth in what people think about you, then it is the time to take some action in the regard. If you are infamous as someone who has a very nasty temper, try to bring your anger under control. In case you come across as uncooperative to other people, try to go out of your way to help them. In case people have raised a finger on your character, try to change your habits, dressing style, etc. In other words, take some action.
Dispel The Rumors
If you have to fix your bad reputation, it is very important to dispel the rumors that are working against you. If you are aware of the source of all the gossip, confront the person and set the record straight. However, make sure not to get angry at the person or start fighting with him/her. Such a behavior would only cement your bad reputation. Rather, talk amicably, in a non-threatening way, and resolve the issue. If you are a big shot, call a press conference to dispel the rumors.
Change Your Company
There is an adage that goes 'you are known by the company you keep'. In other words, your reputation is formed, to a major extent, by the type of friends you have. If they are known for being rogue and outlandish, people are bound to form a similar opinion about you as well, whether you are like them or not. So, in case you feel that your group is largely responsible for your infamy, it is advisable to seek new company right now.
Exercise Patience
Your bad reputation has built over a period of time. Do not expect to get rid of it within a few hours or days. It will take time for people to remove your old, bad image from their mind and replace it with the new, pleasant one. So, you need to exercise a lot of patience and stick to your efforts. Don’t lose hope midway. Remember 'impossible' itself says 'I m possible'. So, just keep on making efforts and soon, people will get used to the image of the 'new you'.

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