Getting in touch with a long lost friend brings back fond memories of good times spent. Here’s how to find a long lost friend.

How To Find A Long Lost Friend

Irrespective of our age or socio-economic status, all of us yearn for good friends to “share the burden of life with”. Good, solid friendships are valued throughout life and there are some who value their friends much more than they value their own family members. Friendships are meant to be forever; or else it was not friendship at all. It is thus, not uncommon, for people to want to look for their lost long friends years after they may have lost touch with them. Finding a long lost friend is like having accomplished something that you never thought was possible; though nowadays, technology has made that possible too. With the advent of social networking sites and the whole world coming closer over the internet, many people set out to find their long lost friends and were very successful. Here are some ways in which you too can find your long lost friends.
Finding Long Lost Friends
Here are some ways in which you can locate friends that you may have left behind in your pursuit of life:
Mutual Interactions 
It is best to get in touch with mutual friends or acquaintances. If that doesn’t work out, the best way to locate them would be to try and get in touch with close family because, no matter how much people may lose contact with their friends, they never lose contact with their family members. If your family members knew or know the whereabouts of your friend’s family, that would be the best way to figure out. Ask your mutual friends if they are in touch with that person’s family.
Work Your Way 
If you shared common colleagues or were colleagues at an office some years ago, try asking if other colleagues have kept in touch with him or her. If your previous boss knows the whereabouts of that person, you may have a better chance to know your friend’s current location, especially if you were at good terms with your previous boss. However, not all employers are willing to share information, even if you were in their good books.
Let Info Flow 
Even if you may not know the exact whereabouts of the person, collect whatever information you get about him or her so as to be able to track them – be it a marriage, the birth of a child, a change in job or a change in the area they may have lived in. Gathering all such information will help you get closer to the person or at least their close family, which would be quite an achievement in itself.
Technology has brought the whole world into the palm of our one hand, making it possible for us to know everything about anything from the comfort of our homes. Online search engines have made it possible for us to even find friends that we lost touch with for years. Conduct an online search for the friend; it may not give you the address or the contact number but may give you other details that you could use.
Social Networking 
Social networking sites have made it possible for many people to locate and find the whereabouts of friends that they may not have talked to since they passed out of high school. You could follow suit and try to locate your friends in the same way. MySpace, Facebook, Orkut and so on are regularly used by people – youngsters and older people to locate friends that they may have lost touch with for a long time and have been successful most of the times. Many people are subscribing to such sites to get in touch with old friends, which also signifies that you are not alone in your quest for your long lost friend!

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