Are you confused as to whether you should end your relationship or not? Read on to find out if you should.

Reasons For Ending A Relationship

Your love your partner a lot and your heart and soul might be in the relationship. However, you are faced with a dilemma. You feel that your relationship is slowly crashing down, and it is beyond patching up. While you try to live in denial for some time, the undeniable truth that the relationship has to end, finally hits you. The most painful part of ending a bad relationship is knowing, when to let go. Of course, every relationship faces trials and it is not necessary to end a relationship at the first sign of trouble. Problems in a relationship are like cancer. Early detection and treatment can help put things back on track. Delays can make the relationship die. Oftentimes, couples fail to seek out a solution to these problems in time for them to save their relationship. Clear communication, honesty, and mutual respect are the characteristics of a healthy and successful relationship. When these essentials seem to creep out of your relationship, you would need to take a deeper look at ending the relationship. Read on to know some of the causes for ending a relationship.
Causes Of Ending A Relationship 
  • There is a major change in your partner’s behavior and the relationship becomes stressed. He/ she might start becoming more possessive, aggressive and even violent towards you. An abusive partner needs help. However, if even despite that he/she refuses to help restore your relationship to normalcy, it is probably time to let go. Keep in mind that an abusive relationship does not necessarily involve just physical violence. Relationship abuse can involve physical, emotional, mental, verbal, and sexual abuse.
  • Dishonesty becomes part of your relationship. It is not that you would expect your partner to be a perfect saint all the time. Things happen on and off where everyone is less than honest with each other. However, when you find that your partner is lying to you regularly, even in small matters, the ground reality is that your partner may not be trustworthy anymore. Since trust is an integral part of a successful relationship, it’s time to end it, if your partner doesn’t want to make the needed changes.
  • Communication gaps will lead both of you to stop sharing important parts of your lives, and the only discussion ends up being some neutral topic. This doesn’t add productively to your relationship, and you will end up gradually drifting apart and feel disconnected in every way.
  • If your partner is overly suspicious and manipulative, it could be a major relationship problem. In every relationship, both partners need a certain amount of space. If your partner tried to keep a tab on every step, you take, and if your actions are restricted to the point of your feeling suffocated, it is time to discuss it with your partner. If your partner refuses to listen, it is time to end the relationship.
  • The most important reason to end a relationship is if your partner has the roving eye. If a person is satisfied with what they have, they will not want to look for replacements, substitutes, or deputies. So, if you find your partner flirting excessively or cheating on you behind your back, it is time to back off. There is a big difference between acknowledging good looks, and lusting after another person.

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