Superstitions and irrational fallacies have existed since ages, and are still held by many as true. Explore the article to know some of the common bad luck superstitions and omens.

Bad Luck Superstitions

Faith can manifest itself in strange ways. This is not to say that faith in itself is irrational and devoid of any logic.  However, a strange quirk of faith can be an inexplicable belief in superstitions that just can’t stand the test of science and reason. The Webster dictionary defines superstition as “any belief that is inconsistent with the known laws of science or with what is considered true and rational”. While a lot of educated and progressive people discard superstitions as bizarre and foolish, there are many who think that their firmly held superstitious beliefs dictate the reality of their life. Misleading notions and superstitions have existed since times immemorial and continue to be so. The article comes up with some common bad luck superstitions and omens. Read on and amuse yourself!
Common Bad Luck Superstitions And Omens 
  • A very common superstitious belief is not to cut your nails on a Friday.
  • It is also believed by many that if your bed is facing north or south direction, bad luck will chase you.
  • Setting a hat on the bed brings bad luck, is a superstition commonly held by many in Western countries.
  • You will have an argument with your friend if you split pepper, is a belief held in many Asian countries.
  • If you sign a contract or lease in the months of April, July and November, it will bring ill-fortune.
  • If a golfer borrows his father’s umbrella, it will bring him bad luck.
  • Dropping a dish cloth is considered a bad omen. It indicates bad luck.
  • To hear a table creak is seen as bad luck in the offing.
  • It is believed by many that one should avoid singing before breakfast as it brings bad luck.  
  • Roman mythology believed that looking at your reflection in a broken mirror brings seven years of bad luck.
  • There are many people who believe that the 13th of every month is a very unlucky day.  This is strongly believed in by many across the world.
  • Lighting three cigarettes with the same matchbox is considered to be ominous.
  • If someone receives a wallet sans money as a gift, it prognosticates bad luck. As such, a lot of people never keep their wallet without any cash.
  • Counting the number of cars in a funeral procession brings ill-fortune.
  • To be able to see yourself in a mirror while you are still in bed is believed to cause you to loose night time peace.
  • It is a commonly held belief that one should not kill sparrows as they are believed to carry the souls of dead people.
  • Since ages, black cats are believed to be a supernatural omen. People believe that cats are symbolic of evil. A cat crossing your way is believed to be an indicator of a bad happening.
  • Spilling salt on the floor is also looked upon as an ominous indicator of bad luck coming soon.

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