Do you find yourself tongue-tied on dates? Read on to find out how you can make interesting conversation.

Conversation Topics For Dates

You are known to be a person who can talk ceaselessly. You have the ability to move from one topic to another so smoothly that the person whom you’re speaking to has no idea that you had changed the topic. You are an expert at extemporaneous speeches and can win any contest hands down. You have the ability to use your words as a formidable tool to either convince others or to confuse them. However, things just don’t seem to go so well, when you go out on a date. Your tongue seems to tie itself up into knots, and for the words, you are just not sure what to say. Or, the fear that your date might think you have no conversation could lead you to talk about things that you completely shouldn’t, and you end up putting your foot in your mouth. Your date might just walk out on you, or may be praying that the meet ends soon so you get out of the ordeal. Well, it’s time to put a stop to ruined dates and work on some good conversation topics. These topics will keep the atmosphere relaxed, friendly, at a decent pace, and might even set the stage for your next date. Read on to know best conversation topics for dates. 
Best Conversation Topics For Dates 
  • Offer a genuine compliment that probably involves something that you know your date did. Try to avoid complimenting them on something that they are, because this could either embarrass your date or else make your date think you’re going too fast.
  • Speak about family. It is probably safest to speak about siblings because if your date has had a bad childhood, speaking about parents could be not so nice. If there is a person who has fertility issues, the topic of children will be rather uncomfortable. Therefore, speaking about siblings is the safest thing.
  • Speak about their travels. You could ask your date where he/ she have been and what are the best places visited till now. Find out why it was the best place and what was the worst vacation ever?
  • Speak about food and drink. To be on the safer side, speak about food because it just might happen that your date has had a bad experience with alcohol abuse or with someone who was an alcoholic. Speak about different dishes that both of you like and best places in which to eat. This will also help you get your next date planned.
  • Speak about work, but make sure that you keep the topic as far off from salaries or climbing the corporate ladder as possible. You do not want to sound like a gold digger nor do you want to sound like an interviewer. You could keep the conversation to your date’s dreams, goals, and feelings about the presently held job.
  • Speak about interests and hobbies as this lends a personal touch to the atmosphere.  

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