Many a times, winning over your sister-in-law is easier than the most newly married women think. Read on to know how to win over your husband’s sister.

How To Win Over Your New Sister-In-Law

She’s your husband’s younger sister. She is all excited that her elder brother finally got nailed. She can’t wait to see you, talk to you, share valuable pieces of information with you about her brother (“Bhaiyya really likes to see women in pink clothing!”). It makes you exclaim,”How sweet!” On the other hand, she could be the elder sister, who led from the front when it came to making sure all the arrangements for the marriage went smooth. She stopped over at near your room during the wedding to help you wear your sari. Whether she is the bubbly baby sister or the responsible, married elder one, winning over a new sister-in-law can prove to be very helpful for a new bride. Sisters-in-law are often the first ones to befriend the new bride and make her feel comfortable in the family. She could prove to be extremely useful for you, as a new bride, to get to know what makes your husband tick. You may win over a friend for life. read on to know the tips to win over your husband’s sister
Tips To Win Over Your Husband’s Sister 

Instead of treating her as just another addition to the list of the ‘other family’, treat her as an individual. If she got married before you came into the family, it may mean all the more to her, if you take her for what she is. She may have a lot to share with you, in terms of what to expect out of marriage, out of her brother, what the various members of the family like in terms of food, clothing and about the temperaments of the individuals.

Since you are the new member of the family, the other members of your husband’s family may want to help in getting familiar with, especially your mother-in-law. She may want to make you feel at home most because she knows exactly how it feels to come into a new house. This may make your sister-in-law a little sidelined or neglected because she may share a very special relationship with her mother, much like the one you share with your mother. Give her special treatment every once in a while. Take her shopping or buy her a small gift; she will definitely appreciate. Take her sides when your mother-in-law scolds her for something, or cheer her up by sharing with her a huge bar of chocolate. If she is the elder sister of your husband, give her the position, only less than that you may give your mother-in-law. Encourage her to share her experiences about the married life, new responsibilities. For all you know, her experiences might teach you a thing or two about how to lead your life as a married woman. 

In case you need to say something to your sister-in-law, do so yourself; do not expect your husband to be the mediator between both of you. You may want to thank her for how she helped you arrange your house, or invite her over for lunch; in any such case, it is easy to depend on your husband to carry the message forward. Such a step could actually create a misunderstanding wherein she might assume that you are not interested in talking to her.   

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