Do you think your child is becoming dull in everything? Explore the article to know more about the signs and effects of bullying.

Signs And Effects Of Bullying

You may know that the most exploited reason for a filmy hero to initiate a fight is to get bullied by a gang of goons. Actually, bullying is aggressive behavior that is intended to hurt a person that involves an imbalance of power or strength. Bullies do it in various forms such as kicking and punching which is named as ‘physical bullying’; teasing or name calling which is called as ‘verbal bullying’ ; intimidation using gestures or social exclusion, which is categorized as emotional bullying; sending insulting and obscene messages by phone or email or SMS is called ‘cyber bullying’. Disabled people, introverts, and children have more risk for getting bullied than others. People who happen to be the targets of bullying do not tell that to their parents or friends, fearing retribution. It is important that parents should be vigilant to possible signs of bullying. Read on the article to know more about the signs and effects of bullying.  

Symptoms And Effects Of Bullying

  • Panic attacks can happen to affected person, at times because there can be high stress in people who get bullied. The affected person may have a feeling of being assaulted. Bullying being an activity to dominate another person by a group of people, the confidence of the affected person is likely to get affected.
  •  A bullied person often thinks about committing suicide because he/she thinks that the whole world is against him/her. The incidents happened in the past may make him/her a chronic depressed person.
  • The bullied person may get irritated soon. He/she can’t tolerate things because the affected person is highly disturbed inside his/her mind. Angry outburst is the result and counterpart of this problem. You should understand that the affected person’s mind is severely hurt, and allow him/her some time to heal him/her.
  • The nature of hyper vigilance increases in bullied person, which can lead them to paranoia. They may start taking everything suspiciously and tend to believe people are trying to plot against them.
  • Other signs of this condition are excessive nail biting, teeth grinding, sleep disorder, bipolar disorder, mood disorder, eating disorder, anxiety disorder. 
  • Bullies make a constant fear and stress in their victims. This stress can make it harder for people to concentrate on their work or studies.
  •  A reactive depression is another symptoms caused by bullying. It is a psychological disorder, which occurs in response to some specific and identifiable psychosocial stress.
  • High anxiety level caused in people by bullying lead them to insomnia. Insomnia is the inability to sleep.
  • In extreme cases, bullies can crush a person’s self-esteem and can lead him/her to depression, thoughts of suicide, or drug and alcohol abuse.
  • The kids may look to their parents for protection and advice but teenagers or matured men generally refrain from revealing that they are bullied by somebody. It makes their problem more intense and dangerous. They may lose the ability to think and act purposefully because of the high anxiety levels caused by bullying.

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