Bullying has far reaching psychological consequences. Read the article below to know how you can stop bullying.

How To Stop Bullying

Bullying cannot be dismissed as a part of growing up. Though bullying takes place mostly among, children and youth, it is now prevalent among all age groups. It can take the form of physical and verbal bullying; and both are equally bad. It has far-reaching effects. Children, who are victims of bullying, experience emotional trauma, most of their lives. These scars even shape their outlook, later in life. They are more susceptible to anxiety disorders and low self-esteem. In extreme circumstances, it can even lead to suicide. By bullying others, people display their power over the other. This also helps them to hide their fear and cowardice inside. Bullying also results from bias – bias against gender, race, and culture. Bullies receive a sense of euphoria through their degradation of the weak. That is why bullying is often defined as preying on the weak”. Recent trends include bullying in work place, through the internet and the cell phone. In the article below are tips to inform you on the various ways that you can stop bullying.
Tips To Stop Bullying 
  • Bullies feed on the weak. So, showing confidence, as resistance is the best way to counter the people who bully. But don’t start a fight as it will aggravate the situation. They will leave you alone the moment; they see that they can’t boss you around.
  • The more you retaliate, the more fun the bullies get. So don’t retaliate. This will take the fun away, and the bully will leave you alone.
  • If you see someone else getting bullied and feel powerless to stop, then don’t simply stand there. Inform the concerned authorities. You can never stop bullying if you ignore the bully, as he or she will feel stronger.
  • Parents should keep their eyes and ears open to find out if their child is being bullied. Children, in general, tend to keep mum even if they are bullied. So, talk to your child about the happenings at school, and sooner or later you will come to know whether he or she is being bullied.
  • Take immediate action. Don’t think that the bullying will stop after some time. It never happens. Inform the school authorities and teach your child the best way to avoid the bully. Once the children get the confidence, that someone is there, who will listen and help, they stop being vulnerable.
  • If possible, talk to the bullies. In most cases, people who bully were themselves victims of bullying or abuse and neglect. They bully because they are afraid, as bullying gives them a sense of power.
  • It should be understood that punishment cannot be the solution. It is better to lend a sympathetic ear and counsel him or her. Patience is a must, and you must never expect that a single talking session will reform a seasoned bully.
  • If you see someone picking on another, then don’t just be a helpless bystander. Nothing encourages a bully more then to see people looking on helplessly. Speak up to him or her. However, don’t, badger the bully back as, it may lead to a fight. The decent thing to do is to protest against his behavior. Gradually, you will find other people joining you.
  • If a person is regularly getting bullied, you can stop the bullying by not leaving him or her alone. Bullies tend to prey on lone victims. Cultivate a friendship and introduce the victim to your friend circle. Not only, you would have stopped the bullying but also saved the victim from emotional scars.

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