Do you want to express your gratitude to your boss? Explore the article to get some tips on how to thank your boss.

How To Say Thanks To Boss

A great boss is always a great motivator and mentor for his/her team. He/she may have helped you without wishing anything from you in return. It’s a fact that people forget to thank their bosses who have encouraged and helped them in their work. Remember that your boss is also a human being, who likes to be appreciated and remembered. There are also people, who are afraid that their thanking may be misperceived as sycophancy. If you honestly express your gratitude for the help, you received from your boss, it won’t be an act of flattery, and hence, you will feel good about yourself. Read on the article to get some tips about thanking your boss.
Tips To Thank Your Boss
Saying ‘Thank You’ In Person Or By A Mail
You can express your gratitude to your boss by saying ‘thank you’ in person or by sending a 'thank you' mail to him. These are the most direct ways of expressing your gratitude. Both the ways are effective in their own manner but considering human psychology, it is better to send a mail, than saying it in person, unless of course, you are a smooth talker. If you say thanks to your boss, the effect of it will be there for a little time, and it may vanish, as most of us, don’t know how to articulate a gratifying speech. If you send a mail to him, it may remind him, about your sincere expression of gratitude, when he checks his e-mails and that will gladden him.

Help Him In A Difficult Situation
Always offer your help to him/her, when he/she is in a difficult time. Sometimes, he/she may be running late in a few schedules tasks. Don’t hesitate to help him/her in this kind of a situation. Action speaks louder than words. Therefore, this could be a very effective way for expressing your gratitude to him/her. Your boss may always remember such situations.
Quote Your Boss In The Right Circumstances
If some of your boss’s advices helped in your work or life, express the gratitude by quoting him/her in public. If you are passing the idea, which your boss gave you, to someone else to solve his problem, mention your boss’s name as the source of that wisdom. If you do this, in a conference or in a training session, in his/her presence, it will delight him/her. There is nothing wrong in giving credit to those who deserve them.

Ask  For An Advice
If you face any difficulties or doubts in your work, go for an advice of your boss. Remember to thank him/her for the help he/she offered in the past. Be a good listener, take insights from him/her, and thank him/her for the suggestions he made.
Wish Your Boss  Happy  Birthday
You can wish your boss on birthday. Send nice birthday emails and SMS to him/her. This may make him/her happy and he/she may feel closer to you. Thank him for being your boss and mentor. If you use this occasion wisely, it may work wonders for you.

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