Workplace bullying can have adverse effect on the work and productivity. Read the article below to know more on the impact of workplace bullying.

Impact Of Workplace Bullying

According to experts, any form of verbal abuse, humiliation, or threatening constitutes workplace bullying. Bullying in the workplace is a fairly common occurrence and the incidences are as high as 49% in some countries. Most people experience at least some form of bullying in their work place. Other than the psychological effect on the victims, bullying also results in huge financial losses due to low productivity. However bullying should not be confused with harassment. In cases of persistent bullying, if it is not controlled in time then it can lead to drastic consequences. It is also the main cause of work related stress. To counter bullying, the management must ensure that the bully be discredited. In addition, it is better to have a strict anti-bullying policy. Read the article below to know more on the impact of bullying at the work place.
Effects Of Workplace Bullying
Impact On Employers
Reduced Output
Bullying in the workplace drastically reduces the productivity. There is also deterioration in the work performance.
The loyalty towards the company and the commitment towards the work get eroded gradually. There is a decrease in the morale, which ultimately leads to a work culture clouded by negativism.
Employees who face bullying tend to leave the organization sooner or later. This can lead to increased costs in hiring and training of new recruits.
Unsafe Work Environment
Bullying leads to a work environment that is potentially unsafe because it fosters a spirit of enmity.
Staff Turnover
There is a rise in the number of absentees. Also, more number of staff request sick leave.
Increased Liabilities
As a result of bullying, additional costs are incurred in a variety of issues like defending claims, workers compensation, engaging mediators and civil and criminal actions.
Public Image
Giving gives a poor public image of the organization and attracts adverse publicity.
Impact On Employees
Employees who experience bullying develop a negative outlook, which reflects in their work.
Psychological Impact
Bullying can result in negative psychological effect. The victims develop symptoms of anxiety and depression. They experience increasing bouts of stress and panic attacks. Victims also develop eating disorders and are more prone for alcohol abuse. They face difficulty in going to sleep and waking, which if uncontrolled can lead to insomnia. These in turn affect the work, as they face difficulty in concentrating and make more mistakes and accidents.
Physiological Impact
Increased incidences of bullying can adversely affect the physiology of the victims. They experience loss of confidence and self esteem which in some cases can even lead to suicide. The victims also are at a higher risk of heart diseases and other conditions like erratic bowel movements, less resistance to infection and high blood pressure.
Behavioral Impact
Due to adverse psychological and physiological impact of bullying, victims develop a change in their behavior, which can further aggravate their situation. They tend to become emotionally drained and resort by showing aggressive behavior. They become irritable and vengeful, often showing signs of hypersensitivity. They also generally tend to withdraw into themselves and have limited interaction. 

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