There is a variety of factors to be considered by men while donning formal wear like suit. Explore the article to know the different suit etiquette tips for men.

Suit Etiquette For Men

Etiquette means the acceptable behavior or the conventional mode of doing things in the society. In this context, suit etiquette refers to the right way of wearing a suit, so that it falls in line with the trend in a particular society and setting. It is almost as essential as (if not more) the design, color and brand of a suit. For instance, incorrectly matched accessories or wrongly paired socks can make a man appear silly and incompetent. Also, an improperly worn suit can hurt a person’s appearance. A suit also portrays a professional image. Hence, it is vital to follow proper etiquette while wearing the same. Read on further to know the proper suit etiquette for men.
Men’s Suit Etiquette Tips
Suit Color
The most notable point while wearing a suit is the color that you would want to wear. Colors that are acceptable for all sorts of occasions include navy blue, charcoal, most shades of gray, and black. You can also go for a suit that is solid colored or pinstriped.
The shirt to be worn with a suit should compose of woven cloth, with long sleeves and collar and be buttoned down in the front. It should be ironed well and tucked in the trousers. The best shirt colors to wear with a suit are light blue or white. If possible, prefer a shirt with a spread collar, instead of a button-down one.
In case you are wearing a four-button suit, button-up the middle two buttons and leave the top and bottom buttons unfastened. When donning a three-button suit, button-up the first two buttons and leave the last one unbuttoned. In case of a two-button suit, leave both the buttons buttoned.
One of the most important accessories while wearing a suit is a tie. You have to select a tie that is darker in color than the suit. The tie should not be too loud and should be long enough to extend to the waist. You can wear a silk tie for a professional appearance.
Match your shoes with the color of the suit. Black shoes blend well with charcoal, black or navy colored suits, while brown ones go well with brown and tan suits. Your shoes should shine and not scuff. Do not wear hiking boots, sneakers or sandals with suits.
Coordinate your socks with the trouser and make sure that it is of a darker color than the pants. If you cannot match the socks with the trousers, match them with the color of the shoes. Choose wool or cotton socks that are higher than the ankle. Match your belt color with that of the shoes. Use minimal jewelry, such as cufflinks, tiepin and watch. Wear a handkerchief in the chest pocket, if required.
Walking Attitude
Walk tall when you wear a suit, as it portrays your habit of moving with an air of urgency and decency. Do not be sluggish and be straight. Raise your head up while walking tall, to get the best out of your business suit. Raising your head adds poise and grace. Formal wear demands smartness. Be brisk in your movement and show that you are heading for an important occasion. Do not tilt your head to one side.

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