A well decorated cubicle reflects an individual’s personality as compared to dry and plain boring cubicles. Explore this article to know the different decorating ideas for office cubicle decor.

Ideas For Decorating Office Cubicles

Since, a major part of the day is spent in offices, the office cubicle serves as a second home to us. A well decorated office cubicle creates positive vibes and makes you feel enthusiastic to give your hundred percent at work. A comfortable cubicle space helps to increase your productivity. You do not have to necessarily clutter your cubicle with knick-knacks to decorate your cubicle. A bit of innovation and the right push is all what you need to make your office cubicle a better workplace. Read through the following lines to know the different office cubicle décor ideas.
Office Cubicle Décor Ideas
Photographs make a great cubicle decoration for people who want to keep their memories in front of their eyes. Photos of your family, spouse and children always make your feel they are present with you. You can pin-up the photos on your board or put them in a nice photo frame. Also, you can have photographs of pets, vacations or something unusual to form a part of your cubicle décor.
You computer or laptop screen is a great opportunity to create a pleasant atmosphere or theme for your cubicle décor. You can upload a few personal photos and put your screen saver on slideshow mode to give you a boost of happiness whenever your computer is at rest. You can put a theater motif, floral theme or an artistic frame to make your cubicle space more unique.
Idols or Mementos
Add an extra zing to your office cubicle by keeping mementos. Mementos can include those received for your achievements in school, college or work. Memento felicitated by a prominent personality can serve as a great motivational tool.
Going Green
In case your cubicle in adjacent to the window and exposed to an adequate amount of sunlight, you can keep a bonsai plant or some ferns. If your cubicle does not get enough light, you can opt for a plant that grows well in low light. Plants give you a fresh breath of air due to their carbon dioxide absorbing and oxygen releasing capacities. They help you lift your mood, calm you down and relax whenever you feel restless.
Personalized Dates
Get a trendy calendar or a planner to adorn your office furniture. Choose one that reflects your personality. Select a calendar with Hollywood celebrities if you are a Hollywood freak or a calendar with photographs of different cars if you are crazy about cars.
Quote Unquote
Pen down some motivational or funny quotes or simply print them and put them on your cubicle board. They sure will prove a fine way of making your cubicle a better place to work. They’ll inspire you or give you a good laugh when you feel low.
Color Code
Deck your cubicle with your favorite color as this will surely brighten up your day. This will personalize your area in the corporate clutter.

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