Office pranks make for some harmless fun and work really well to cheer up your colleagues. The article brings some funny office prank ideas for coloring up a dull and ordinary day.

Office Prank Ideas

Playing pranks in office is a great idea to lighten up an otherwise drab and mundane day. It can instantly bring a hearty laugh on the faces of your colleagues and can be the best way to take a little bit of work pressure off everyone’s mind. However, while playing a prank, the prankster should take care that an overtly sensitive colleague is not made the victim, so that the jape doesn’t get serious and create the opposite effect. Mind that you never cross the limits when you play pranks, so that your reputation is not in tatters once the prank is over. The article suggests some funny and creative office prank ideas worth trying. Read on to go for the kill.
Funny Pranks For Office
Phone pranks
Phone pranks can be the easiest to arrange for and don’t require much preparation as well. Phone can be used to play variety of pranks in office. The receiver of the phone can be glued to the base, so that one can’t pick it up even though the phone continues to ring. You can also maneuver a new employee to believe that he/she needs to press the intercom button to make out-of-office calls. In this way, every one will get to hear his/her private conversation when the concerned person makes a call. It can be a very funny prank, but ensure that the victim doesn’t take it too seriously.
Ghost Computer Pranks
These pranks can be used on your more technologically challenged colleagues. You can bring two computer close enough to switch the monitor cards so that your colleague’s mouse works on your computer and vice-versa. In an office where all the computers are linked to the same network, one can access everybody else’s monitors. If you are the boss, it’s even legal to play this prank with your employees. Install a key logger which will let you see everything a person does on their computer and use the information to create panic in office.
Water-Cooler Prank
It will be a very safe prank to play in a professional set-up and will not keep your reputation at stake as well. You can put salt in the water-cooler or if possible, some red syrup that will make the water look like blood. The cups used for drinking water can also be used innovatively for playing exciting pranks. If the cups are conical in shape, you can poke tiny holes in them so that they constantly leak while the effort is on to fill them. You can also switch the hot and cold water buttons, according to the season.
Office Desk Pranks
Desk pranks can also be very safe to play, in an office environment. However, you need to take care not to play it with colleagues who are very particular about keeping their working desks organized. Wrap your victim’s desk in paper, plastic shipping wrap or tin foil. Make sure that every single item has been wrapped nicely and then tape it up with packing tape so they take an eternity to open. You can also glue everything down on your victim’s desk by using extra strong glue. Take care that when you glue the stapler; only glue the bottom so the stapler still works.

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