Spicing up your love life is essential to keep the flame burning between the two of you. Read the article to know how to spice up your love life.

How To Spice Up Your Love Life

You have done it! You have found the love of your life, have spent nights thinking about him or her, confronted, got positive response, proposed, married, survived the test of time and now living happily ever after. However where the happily ever after ends, starts the real life. You both have good job, have two kids and a dog and everything to be envious of. However, lately you have realized that the sizzle of your love is fading. When you have spent a large chuck of your life with your spouse, it is normal to have a comfortable feeling where you and your spouse both are at ease with each other. However, getting comfortable doesn’t mean losing love. The foundation of your love is still love and if boredom has taken place of that comfortable feeling then you have something to worry about. Spicing up your life is what you need to keep the passion and ardor for each other. Read on to know how you can spice up your love life with the help of following tips.

Tips For Spicing Up Your Love Life
Keep Time For Each Other
Howsoever busy you may get, you need to take out some time for each other. A simple routine of kissing each other goodbye in the morning and a welcoming kiss in the evening is a good start. Keep a weekly date and stick to it even if you are living with each other. Take yearly trips for the two of you. Recreate your honeymoon or if you are too busy to go out for trips, just send your children to your in-laws house and share some time alone with each other.
Surprise Each Other
A surprise gift says a lot about your love. Surprise your love with gifts and throwing parties for each other. You don’t have to wait for Valentine’s Day or birthdays for showering your spouse with gifts. You don’t even have to buy expensive gift. Just something that says that you care is enough. Buy some small gift or better make something homemade for your spouse.
Share A Fantasy
Remember the Princess Leia fantasy episode in FRIENDS! Create your own fantasy and tell your partner about it. A healthy sex life matters very much in a relationship. So take different ways to spice up your sex life too. Make time for sex and try some new positions.
Instead of boring yourself into newspaper or books in the dining table, talk to each other. Take out some time from your busy schedule to talk to your spouse. You would be surprised how a conversation can bring back the passion. Reminisce about your college day, or when you had your baby or just about anything.
Be Innovative
Try new methods to surprise and make your partner happy. Red rose, chocolates have all becomes clichés, now is the time to be original. Either make your own homemade stuff for each other or think of something new. Play games, visit amusement park and do everything to keep the love thriving in your life.
Write A Love Letter
Write to each other how much you love and appreciate each other even if you live in a same home. It may look tacky but it will surely win your spouse’s heart. You can even send occasional e-mail to your sweetheart.
Phone Each Other
Remember, what is mobile for? No, not just for answering your boss’ or your client’s phone. You can use it for your spouse too. However, make sure you choose a time when he or she is not busy. Call each other and tell how much you miss them. It will surely make your spouse fall in love with you all over again.
Recreate Your First Date
No one can forget his or her first date. Is felt like a magical time, isn’t it? Why not surprise your partner with recreating your date. Book a table for two in the same hotel where you dated years ago. If you remember the table too, then try to have it too. Have same food and wine, which you ordered then and behave like you are on your first date.
Take Care Of Yourself
Sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves. Indulge yourself in spas and visit beauty salons regularly. Surprise your spouse with haircuts and new look. Your spouse is sure to fall head over heels again in your love.

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