Setting new goals is essential to keep the spirit of gusto and zeal alive in your heart. Learn through the following article, tips on how to set new goals.

How To Set New Goals

“Goals are not only absolutely necessary to motivate us. They are essential to really keep us alive” - Robert H. Schuller
The above quote aptly describes the necessity of goals in our life. A life without a goal is like that ship in a sea, which doesn’t know its harbor. Setting a goal is very easy and any Tom, Dick, and Harry can do that. Isn’t it easy to proclaim that you want to buy “Hummer” or want to be the "President" of your country? Sure, these aims are attainable too, but in what run? You can dream to buy a Hummer, but it would be called an unrealistic goal if you don’t have even three zeros in your bank balance. There is a difference between goals and dreams and you need to keep this in mind when you are setting your goals. Setting new goals is also essential when you have reached a saturation point, where you don’t know how to go ahead without any inspiration. Learn how to set new goals, with the help of following tips.
Tips For Setting New Goals
Set Priorities
You may not have only one goal in life. In such a case, prioritizing them not only gives you a direction, but also prevents you from being overwhelmed. Categorize the goals according to time and relevance. For example, you have goals of buying a home and getting a promotion. Now introspect, which is more attainable. If you get a promotion, you might get salary hike and buying a house will become easier for you. Thus, getting promotion should be your main concern.
Set Performance Goals
Don’t make a goal based on any exterior factor. The success of your goals should be in your own hands. You need to set a goal, which is more attainable and on which you have more control. This not only increases the chances of achieving it, but is also more satisfactory. If you set a goal depending on external aspects, you may not achieve it despite hard work and it may put a brake to your ambitions itself.
Get Real
This is the most important point, which you have to keep in mind while setting a goal. Setting a goal that is too high to achieve will turn out to be a never-ending drive and frustrate you. Instead of listening to anyone, listen to your heart. Keep your abilities and skills in mind before setting a goal.
Use The SMART Technique
It must be a clichéd acronym, but you need to set goals that are 'Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely' (SMART), so you manage to achieve them as well. If you follow this technique, nobody can stop you from achieving your goal.
Write It Down
Write down all your goals. It will give a shape to your mental notes and make them more real. When you know the exact list of what you want to achieve, you are more likely to work towards it. Write down your goals at a place, where they always remain in your sight. This will give the much-needed force to your ambitions.
Break It Down
Breaking your goals into smaller categories will make them more precise and attainable. It will also help in prioritizing them. It will make the process simple and specific and make you more focused. It will also help you see where you are going and whether or not you are moving towards your aspirations.
Set Deadlines
If you have a deadline, you have a clear-cut idea of where you are exactly going. Set a deadline according to your goal. However, shorter deadlines are better for smarter goals. A dispiriting length will only de-motivate you. However, always set a deadline keeping in mind the nature of your goals.
Start Simple
If you are new to the whole process of setting goals, starting short and simple will be helpful. If you achieve a simple objective first, you are more likely to achieve more in coming time. In addition, with time, you may need to bring some changes in your goals and a simple start will only accelerate the process better.

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