Wish to be the perfect host? Surf through the following tips on table setting etiquettes to refine your fine-dining skills. Read on to know more on dinner table setting here.

Dinner Table Setting

Lord Byron once said, “All human history attests that happiness for man -- the hungry sinner! -- Since Eve ate apples, much depends on dinner.” It is true, nothing delights a man more than a hearty appétit, and any true blue food connoisseur would readily testify to that. However, the real joy of eating does not lie on feasting alone as much as it does on family reunion dinner gatherings. So now that you have mastered the filet mignon or perfected the brandy flamed peppercorn steak, it is time to invite your folks and friends and treat them to your fine-class gourmet experience. However, before you wow the foodies with your culinary skills, we suggest that you get a hang of the fine nuances of table setting to add a few more complements to your kitty. Whether you are throwing an impromptu casual dinner for a guest or hosting a banquet, your gourmet dinner experience is almost incomplete without a proper dinner table setting. Here is a step-by-step guide to steer your dining skills to perfection. Read on to know more on this.
Table Setting Etiquette 
  • You have probably heard a zillion times that when headed for dinner, ‘dress to impress’! The same thing applies to your dinner table as well. Remember, your dinner table is where all the action is! So you better deck it up with dainty linen, expensive damask, exquisite crochet or lacy lattice to add a dash of elegance to your evening. However, make sure that your patterned chinaware does not clash with your intricately designed linen. The cue is to keep your linen simple and subtle colored if you plan to use patterned porcelain. Also, remember to add placemats to your table to save your linen from spills and mess.
  • Once the stage is set for your dinnerware, you can move on with the task of setting your tableware, flatware and stemware.  Set the large plates- the chargers, dinner plates or luncheon plates, right at the heart of the placemats, making sure that the plates are placed at equal intervals. Deck up your décor with elegantly folded or neatly rolled table napkins, at the center of each plate, to add some sophisticated spunk to your banquet.
  • Unless you are setting your dinner table for an impromptu informal meal, or a causal dinner, you will need to make way for soup bowls, fish plates, salad plates, dessert plates and cups and saucers. If you are serving soup, place the soup bowl in the center of the dinner plate. Place the bread and butter plate on the top left of the dinner plate. Small plates should occupy the center of the cover, while place the cups and saucers beyond the outermost piece of your silverware.
  • Does not matter if you are using the priciest silverware or the more general flatware, if your cutlery is not in accord with your table setting, your efforts is almost effete. Table etiquette dictates that your knives, forks and spoons are posited in perfect locations. Starting from the far left corner of your plate, place a fish-fork first closely followed by dinner fork and salad fork to set your fork arrangement straight. Place the dessert fork right on top of the plate with its tines facing the right.
  • Now, starting from the extreme right hand side of your plate, place the knives, starting with the fish knife first, and then the dinner knife followed by the salad knife as you work inwards. Also, make sure that the knife blades face towards the plate. Place the dessertspoons above the plate, on top of the dessert fork. Make sure that your dessertspoons face the left.
  • Any fine dining experience is almost incomplete without stylish stemware. You will need five glasses to complement your elaborate dinner. Starting from the upper right hand corner of your plate, place a water goblet next to the dessert fork followed by a red wineglass for the entrée, a white wineglass to complement the fish course and sherry glass for the pre-dinner drink. You can set your champagne flute behind the water goblet.
  • Lastly, unleash your fine aesthetics by adding stunning yet simple accessories to your dinner table. Place the salt and peppershakers next to the dessert bowl and place handwritten or printed place cards for your guests next to the shaker. You can also add dainty centerpieces like floating candles, flower arrangements or low vases to add aplomb to your dinner.

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