Is there a friend who is grieving a loss? Here are some ways in which you can help the person grieve.

How To Help A Loved One Grieve A Loss

Grief is a natural part of life in which there is pain and loss. Each of us is affected differently by the loss of a loved one, and we might be changed forever due to the loss. When someone we love loses someone, we may not know exactly what to do to help him or her during the grieving process. This process requires that a person have a healthy attitude as well as extra attention for a period of time until there is recovery. In order to help a person grieve a loss, you will need to be sensitive to that person’s needs, changes, and thoughts. He/ she will require nurturance, support and as much openness as you can provide, in order to move out of the early stages of denial and get their lives back on track. If you are confused as to what to do to help a grieving friend, read on for some helpful tips. 
Ways To Help In The Grieving Process 
Understand The Person’s Grief 
To begin with, you need to remember that each person’s way of grieving is different. Grief and intense emotion is the body’s natural way of coping with pain. Lean how the person is communicating his/her loss and make an effort to help him/ her. There are some people who like to be surrounded by friends and family who can be there for them. Others prefer to be left alone. Whichever the mode of grieving, you should allow your loved one to grieve in the way they want to and not in the way you wish it to be. 
Strike A Balance 
While it is important to let your loved one grieve in the way that he/ she wants to, you will also need to watch out for them. Be supportive of the person rather than nag him/ her. This is because grief can cause a person to do things that could harm a person. If your friend wants to go down to the pub, and have an extra drink or two, there is nothing wrong with it. However, watch out that they don’t self-medicate their grief by over-indulging in drinks. 
Grieve With Your Friend 
The person who has passed away might be someone whom you knew as well. It’s okay for you to grieve along with your friend, but it is important that you remain supportive. A great way to celebrate the life of a lost friend is to share memories of the person, you lost. However, in some cases this might be insensitive. Therefore, it is vital to do this at the right time. 
Be There 
While the grieving person may not always admit it, he/ she do need support. Leave little notes or phone numbers where you can be contacted whenever they wish to speak. Check on them as often as possible, without causing discomfort and encourage your loved one to talk. Talking and writing are good ways in which to ease the pain of loss.

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