Feng shui for office cubicles is only a bit different from that for homes. In this article, we will tell you how to feng shui your cubicle.

Feng Shui Cubicle

Feng shui can be described as an ancient Chinese practice, which basically involves creating balance and harmony in your surroundings. It includes the system of harmonizing the energy surrounding us in such a way that it adds to our health, wealth, happiness, fortune and general well-being. The techniques and principles surrounding feng shui can applied any and every where, be it your home, your garden or your office. In fact, even the cubicle that you have in office can be arranged as per feng shui. In case this is what you are interested in, we have just the information for you. Given below are some tips to help you feng shui office cubicles.
How to Feng Shui Your Cubicle
Items Needed 
  • Cleaner
  • Old Cloth
  • Mirror
  • Plants
  • Something in purple color
  • Pictures of Landscape, River, Waterfall, etc
  • Water Bodies 
  • First of all, you need to ensure that your cubicle is clean and free of any dust and garbage. Right from cabinets and drawers to monitor and keyboard, everything should be free of dirt. As a cleaning solution, you can use a natural combination of water, vinegar and tea tree oil.
  • Instead of following the same old routine and keeping everything just where it was, think useful. Put a particular item at such a place where you have to make least effort to use it. At the same time, keep the regular-use items close by and others at some distance.
  • Discard everything that you do not need and will not even require in the future. Even a small item, such a hole-punch, should not be kept inside the cubicle if you do not use it. The main aim is to reduce clutter by removing unnecessary things.
  • Next, it is the time to rearrange the furniture in your cubicle a bit. Move your table and computer in such a way that your back is not towards the door. If you have turned your back on the door, it means that you are blocking good chi.
  • In case it is not possible for you to re-arrange the cubicle for the reason mentioned above, hang a mirror on your cubicle wall, beside the monitor. The location of the mirror should be such that while using it; you are able to see the people coming inside the cubicle.
  • Nature forms one of the basic elements of feng shui. Keep a couple of live plants inside your cubicle. If possible, keep one on either side of your cubicle door. This will help in circulation of nourishing chi throughout your cubicle.
  • Office, more precisely your cubicle, is the place from where you earn money. You can use feng shui in your office for the purpose of enhancing the wealth area of your life. In order to do this, place something of purple color, in the far-left corner from the door.
  • Most probably, your cubicle will not be having any windows to let you see the outside world. In such a case, you can hang some pictures of landscapes on the walls. It will help the flow of good chi and also make you feel relaxed and at ease.
  • Water, especially flowing, is another very important element of feng shui. Keeping a water body in your cubicle will help you with the career aspect of your life. You can also hang a picture of flowing water, on the same wall that your door is on.

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