Text message is an un-intrusive tool to communicate with others. Read the article below on proper texting etiquette.

Text Message And Texting Etiquette Rules

Text message is the exchange of written messages on a mobile phone. Text message became a fixation in popular imagination and the term texting, entered the common vocabulary. The rise in mobile phone users gave an enormous boost to texting. The extreme popularity of texting can be gauged from an estimate, which stated that as of 2004 some 500 billion-text messages were sent. Texting is un-intrusive and is the best way to communicate with others without disturbing them. Since no proper rules and regulations govern text message an unwritten code of conduct must be maintained. There are too many instances where individuals were harassed by sexually explicit text messages or spam or even bullying. Experts warn that texting is the main reason for the spread of rumor and gossip, and its spread should be curbed. However, all these are unnecessary if proper texting etiquette is maintained. Given below are some texting etiquette rules that must be maintained while texting.
Text Messaging Etiquette
  • Don’t make texting an alternative to face to face conversation or a call.
  • While texting, it is not possible to know if the other person is getting bored, so, be brief.
  • Don’t text anything that is confidential as text messages are easily accessible.
  •  While texting, consider the place and timing. Texting while driving is utterly dangerous. It may land you either to the grave, hospital, or jail. Also, don’t text when someone else is speaking to you. He or she may get offended that you are not paying any attention to what they are saying. Text messages, when you are sure that a call would disturb others like in a conference.
  • In the world of texting and e-mail, using all caps is the equivalent of shouting. Etiquette experts suggest not sending the entire message in capitals.
  • Keep all your messages straight and clear so that the other person gets the correct meaning, as you won’t be there to explain. Misunderstanding a message can lead to serious consequences.
  •  Avoid using satire and double meaning. You won’t have any idea, how the person may feel and so relationship may get strained.
  • Texting is casual. So don’t text bad or sad news or important conversations. Also don’t text for formal occasions. It is better to call or write in such cases.
  • Don’t share your text messages with others which may embarrass the sender even if you don’t think so.
  • Don’t pester a person by showering him or her with text. If the person is in close terms with you then once a while it can be taken as a joke, not always.
  • Use abbreviations, when you know that the other person will understand. Stick to the established and don’t invent your own.
  • Even texting can disturb the people around you so take care. Like in a theatre, the light from your cell can disturb others.
  • If you don’t receive any response, don’t vent your frustration by shooting of rude texts. The other person can have thousand reasons for not replying. You must bear in mind that the other person may be busy, asleep, or may have simply not seen your message.
  • Short is sweet. So, remember to keep your messages as brief as possible. Use e-mail, or call to send details.
  • If you know that a person is busy, then it is always better to text first, asking if he or she can receive the call, before calling directly.

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