Netiquette, or internet etiquette, refers to the use of proper manners and appropriate behavior on the net. Read the article to find some important netiquette rules that should be observed.

Internet Etiquette

Netiquette is a term that has been derived from "Internet Etiquette” or “Network Etiquette". It, basically, refers to the use of proper manners and display of appropriate behavior online. With the extensive use of internet today, social interactions and communications have become multi-fold. Kids, youngsters and the working population spend a good part of their day networking with others on the internet. In such a scenario, it is important to observe certain basic internet etiquettes, so that you are not viewed as an oddball, when it comes to being a netizen (virtual citizen on the net). Read the article to know what internet etiquette and rules you need to follow on the World Wide Web (www).
Netiquette Rules
  • A netizen should observe basic courtesy in his/her net dealings. The golden rule is to be courteous and respectful of others, who are online. Remember the rule when sending an email, chatting in a chat room or speaking in a forum.
  • It is difficult to gauge the expressions and emotions of a person, while communicating online, unless you are using a web camera or a microphone. Using emoticons, such as smileys, can greatly help in conveying your true emotions online.  
  • Keep your messages short, particularly when typing an email or chatting in a chat room. Know the net language and get a hang of chat abbreviations and acronyms. This saves the reader some valuable time. Therefore, keep the messages brief and precise on the internet.
  • Writing in capital letters is considered the equivalent of shouting on the net. Avoid writing in capital letters, as it is considered to be very rude. Use caps only if you actually want to stress on a few words or phrase.
  • Using inappropriate and abusive language is against netiquettes. There is a possibility of getting permanently banned from a forum or group, in case you use foul or offensive language. Make sure you are civilized on the net, unless you are chatting with a very close friend, that too privately.
  • Take care not to post any silly or funny photographs on social networking sites, as it can pose a problem in the future. Several colleges and employers now search for the candidate’s profile on social networking sites before hiring them.
  • Revealing private information in the wrong location can have serious consequences and implications for some. Cyber crime is not a new phenomenon for netizens anymore. Identity theft is also a major concern on Internet today, which continues to grow rapidly. Therefore, it is important to guard against releasing any private information on the net.
  • There is a growing breach of copy right laws on the net. It is not uncommon to find similar information on the net, in the same language. However, stealing information or copy-pasting can really get you into trouble, and therefore, one should guard against violating copy right rules.
  • Cyberbullying is a growing concern for the internet users. It is important to keep a guard on any person trying to threaten or intimidate you on the net. Local law enforcement should be contacted, if the user comes across with messages that are threatening or raise security concern.

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