Your body language conveys your state of mind. Explore the article below to learn the body language gestures and their meanings.

Body Language Gestures

If you have seen the poster of the movie ‘Lagaan’ you couldn’t have failed noticing the aura of strength and confidence that the Amir Khan character portrays. The other characters that flag him also convey the same. You do not hear any dialogue or a word or any explanation and yet you know that these are a determined bunch. Isn’t it a beauty that without any verbal communication you can still gauge their state of mind? That is the power of body language, which conveys more than what words do. Going back to the poster again notice how the eleven characters stand. You will find one thing in common. Legs splayed shoulder length apart, balancing the body, hands on the hips or on the side and the head held high with the eyes staring straight at you. The message thus conveyed is grit, a challenge and the confidence to fight back. Our body language determines the type of message we send across and influences the overall outlook of our interactions. Watch any great orators and see how they put a spell on their audience to listen in rapt attention. See how they use their hand and facial gestures to hammer their message across. Body language is the dividing line between a speaker and an orator. Adopting correct body language is extremely essential if you want to leave a positive impact on others. It is also seen that people with good body language have a more chance of being liked by others. So, if are looking to correct your body language then go through the article below for tips on body language gestures.
Body Language Meanings
Erect Body
When you display an erect body or walk briskly with the body erect then it is the sign of confidence. Standing or walking erect conveys that you are ready and able to face anyone or anything.
Hands On Hips
Keeping the hands on the hip displays aggression. It also sends across the message that you are in a state of readiness.
Legs Crossed
When you sit with your legs crossed with the foot tapping lightly then it is the sign of boredom. Boredom can also be signified if you rest your head on your hand and with down cast eyes.
Legs Apart
Sitting with the legs spread apart is the sign that you are relaxed. This posture also signifies that you are open for any communication.
Arms Crossed
If you keep your arms crossed then you spread across the message that you are in a defensive state.
Shoulders Hunched
When you are in a dejected mood then you will be in a posture where your shoulders will be hunched and your fists in your pocket.
Hand On Cheek
This body gesture portrays that you are in a brooding state of mind. In this position others will think that you are in deep thinking.
Rubbing The Nose
If you are talking to somebody and you unconsciously rub your nose lightly then the other person will get the impression that you do not believe what you are saying. That is either you are lying or doubting.
Clasping The Hands Behind The Back
This is the sign of an angry and frustrated person. He or she is full of apprehension.
Rubbing The Hands
This body language signifies that you are anticipating something.
Legs Crossed With The Palms Clasped Behind The Back
In this posture you show your confidence and superiority. Observe that when you achieve something how you subconsciously adopt this posture.
Tapping The Fingers
When you are impatient you tap or drum your fingers.
Patting Hair
Lack of self confidence or a sense of insecurity gives rise to this body gesture. You tend to keep your hand on your head fondling the hair.
Tilting The Head
Tilting the head shows the sign of interest. When you are absorbed in something interesting the head tilts slightly to the side.
Stroking The Chin
Stroking the chin signifies that you are either indecisive or trying hard to come to a decision.

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