Conference call etiquette makes the calls seem more pleasant, run smoother and help avoid embarrassment. Read the article to know phone etiquette tips for conference calls.

Conference Call Etiquette

With geographically dispersed teams and travel restrictions, conference calls prove to be the best communication medium in any workplace. Phone conference calls have been very useful in both professional and education sectors. They are made from business to business or business to an employee at home or abroad, for conducting business. Hence, a conference call should be productive and smooth sailing. Any conference call demands good preparation in advance, to pay off positively. Such a conference also requires certain etiquette to be followed, no matter what role you are playing in the call. Read through the following lines to know the tips on conference call etiquette.
Phone Etiquette Tips For Conference Call
The Key is ‘Silence’
When on a conference call, make sure that you are in a very quiet room, free from any disturbances. This will help you hear everything during the conversation and keep the misunderstandings to a minimum. On the other hand, it is difficult to concentrate on the conversation when you have a dog barking, machines running or people talking in the background.
Use Appropriate Equipment
While on a conference, ensure that you are using a phone that will minimize the background noise. Some telephones and almost all cell phones pick up even the slightest noise or interference and hence, cause troubles for you while listening to the other person and vice versa.
Turn Off Your Call Waiting
It can be very disrupting and confusing if your line starts beeping with call waiting, while you are in a conference call. Hence, it is better to deactivate your call waiting. Check with your local service provider in case you are unsure of how to deactivate the function on your cell phone.
Be On Time or Early
In case you are the host or chairperson of the conference call, ensure that you arrive a few minutes before the call begins, so that you can greet each of the participants. Being early to the conference will help you head off any premature discussions that the participants might begin, before you are ready.
Ensure that every person introduces himself/herself before he/she begin to speak. This will help in building relationships and allowing people to open up and thus, feel comfortable.
During the conference call, make sure that every person speaks out his/her name first, before he/she makes any comment. Remember, not everyone will be able to recognize the others by their voice.
Avoid eating while you are in a conference call. Remember, no one would want to hear chewing in his/her ear. In case you want to get a drink of water, put the call on mute, so that no other person will hear your sounds.
Stick To The Topic
Do not include unnecessary talk in your conference. Try to keep the conversation to the point, as there would be people on the call who have other important things to do.
End The Call Clearly
Let all the participants know that the meeting is formally over. Stay on the line till all the participants hang up. In case the participants hang up on the line, it will only increase your bill.

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