Conference call is the latest buzz in office areas & choosing the right service might help you gain maximum interest. Here is a list of things to remember, on how to choose conference call services.

Things To Remember When Choosing A Conference Call Service

Conference call or Con call, that much loathed buzz session of the managers, is the new age means to telecommute with an office mate, a client or several people seated in different parts of the globe, in one go. Love them or hate them, multi-user calls are indeed a quick, easy alternative to correspond fast to people located in different parts, at one fell swoop. The ability to connect just a few colleagues to thousands of them is what has made teleconferencing a feasible option today. Considering today’s hectic schedule, organizing official meetings over conference calls doesn’t just ease out the pressure, but is also cost-effective. Today, conference calls are widely incorporated, not just for official or business purpose, but also for connecting with our near and dear ones, especially those staying offshore. However, the benefit you draw from one such Con call hugely depends on the kind of service you choose. Aspects such as cost of service, usage, average number of people on each call etc. are determinants in making the choice. Here are some useful things to consider when choosing a conference call service that is most compatible with your needs.
How To Choose Conference Call Services
Conference Call Limitations
When choosing a conference call service, for either business or personal use, pause to consider the kind of conference chats you are looking for. While some conference call services allow both sides to correspond, there are providers who just allow one side interaction, i.e. the called parties cannot talk, but only listen. Depending on your needs, you will have to choose between the two.
Conference Call Usage
The type of service you opt for depends entirely on the amount of usage. If you are making an official phone call, it would take lesser time. However, if you need to give away details like quarterly stat report of your company or discuss a new business proposition over teleconference, considering a service that offers value for money will help. This holds true in case of long personal calls as well.
Conference Call Set-Up
This is one of the important things to look for, before taking up a service. If you are looking for a dial-up connection, approaching a dial-out service would be a blooper. Also check out for services like audio or video conferencing service, as you might need it during audio-video conference chats.
Reservation or Non-Reservation
When making a conference call, you can usually opt between reservation or non-reservation call. While reservation services require you to schedule your call much ahead of time, non-reservations calls are more convenient and hassle free. They allow you to make a call anytime anywhere, anywhere, without setting up a prior appointment or requiring the assistance of an operator.
Call Planning is Essential
Planning your call duration is important, when engaging in a conference call. Comprehending your call limit in advance will allow you to shuffle along participants to meet time expectations. Generally, a conference call lasts up to an hour. However, more serious discussions and larger groups need longer time. Usually, about 1-3 minutes are given to each participant to voice his/her opinions. Often, an hour-long conversation handles about 1-2 topics. Deciding the duration will help you save your time and money.
Efficient Service
When making overseas conference call, remember to consider the applicable time zones and schedule a conference call that will accommodate all of your desired participants. Choosing a service that efficiently handles its customers and has a strong technical support will do fine here.
Billing Plans
Bills are definitely a consideration when going for a conference call service. There are many services who offer per minute pricing plans on credit cards. After the call is done, an invoice is sent, detailing the duration and pricing of the call. Applicable charges are then placed on your credit card. Some other companies offer an unlimited usage on the payment of a monthly charge. As per you needs, settle on the best bet.
Special Services
Some service providers offer special extra services, like recording con-calls, transcripting calls, rebroadcasts, operator assistance, all this luxury and more, just for a fee. So, while choosing between various services, do keep the special features in mind.

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