In this article, we have tried to find answer for the question - why guys/men don't call back. Read on and get the reason to your question ‘why doesn't he call me’.

Why Guys Don't Call

Understanding men is as difficult as understanding women, though they would like us to believe otherwise. It is hardly easy to comprehend what goes inside their mind. One of the cases where a woman finds it almost impossible to understand a guy is when he doesn’t call back after the first meeting, even when he seemed to be having a good time with her. The poor soul keeps on waiting for the call, getting alert at every ring. If you are also wondering why men don’t call back, then this article is perfect for you. Read further and get some of the possible reasons why didn’t he call you.
Why Guys Don’t Call 
  • The most common reason a guy doesn’t give a call after the first meeting is that he is not interested in you. Remember, if you like a guy, it is not necessary that he will like you too.
  • If he hasn’t called you after the first ‘official date’, it might be possible that you did something to turn him off. Go through your meeting once again. You might come across some stupid comment or action of yours.
  • He might have been busy in some major work, official or personal, and didn’t get the time to call you. Though it sounds like a good excuse, at times, there might be some truth in it.
  • His landline phone might be dead and even his mobile phone might be extremely low on balance. Where a guy is concerned, anything and everything is possible.
  • One of the most probable reasons why he didn’t call you might be that he lost your number. Guys, careless as they are, are very much prone to misplacing phone numbers.
  • He might be thinking what if he calls you, but you don’t pick up the phone or don’t call back. Guys have a big ego and even a slight threat to it might make him discard the idea of calling you up.
  • It might be possible that the day after he met you, his cell phone got stolen and along with it, your number too. Now, though he wants to call, he hardly has any means of doing the same.
  • Finally, he might be summoning up the courage to call you up. Give him sometime, say atleast a week. If he doesn’t call up even after a week, try giving him a call.

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