Dealing with peer pressure is an exercise that has been practiced by most of us during young age. To know how to combat peer pressure, read on.

Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is a problem faced by most of the people in their young age. It basically explains the pressure exerted by a peer group on a youngster, encouraging him/her to change his/her attitude, behavior, morals or outlook towards life and to conform to their specific ideology. Such kind of an influence is usually seen in case of friends or associates, who spend a considerable amount of time with a person. Moreover, as a kid, this kind of influence works because of the feeling of approval that the influence brings along with it. The kick of doing something new also forces one to surrender to such pressures. However, this is wrong and you should know how to deal with such pressures. To get some tips on dealing with peer pressure, read through the following lines.
Dealing With Peer Pressure
Mental Strategy
It is very important to prepare a mental strategy to determine as to how you will deal with different situations. This would help you ease off any stress at the time of facing the situation. For your benefit, you can even pre-decide the kind of reactions you will exhibit in a given situation. It’s just like preparing an answer for an unasked question that might pop out in future.
Know Your Take
Since this is the growing up stage, you would definitely be exposed to a lot of sensitive topics, like sex, drugs and alcohol, which requires mature thinking and a right approach. Indulge in open discussion about these topics with your parents and set the right ideology. Thus, at the time of discussing with your friends, you would know your take on these sensitive issues. The trick is not to let anybody mold your opinion or force upon you his/her thinking.
Good Companionship
It is known fact that with time, friends and companions become more important than parents and relatives. While good companions bring out the best in you, if you are amongst a bad bunch of people, life would surely be heading in the wrong direction. Learn the art of selecting a good apple from the bunch of rotten ones and you would be amazed to see that there is no peer pressure at all!!
The Art Of Saying ‘NO’
They say, growing up wisely is an art and falling into the pit is a custom. If you have friends who indulge in bad habits, it is quite possible for you to fall in the same pit as well. While it is best advised to move out of such a gang, if you want to stick to them, the trick is to stay amongst the rotten apples and still be one that is fresh and juicy. Learn to say NO to your friends. That’s the first and last thing you can do to stay away from activities that involve harmful or stressful situations.
Be Your Own Master
Treat yourself like your own master. This is very important and would help you in asserting your feelings and opinions. Do not hesitate in speaking up for your own self. The more you let others speak for you, the more you give them the authority to rule your life. Instead, be self independent and learn to voice your own opinion and choice. Also, it is very important to let others know their boundaries and limitations when it comes to your life and decisions.
Raise Your Confidence
For all those of you who always think your friends to be better than you, it is time for some re-evaluation!! The only difference between you and your friends is the confidence meter. It is best advised to focus on your inner strength and self-confidence and you would be shocked to know that you are as good (sometimes even better) than your friends.
Confide & Communicate
Venting out emotions, feelings and thoughts is crucial for remaining sane in this world. This would de-stress your mind and help you relax and unwind. Talk to someone you think will understand you. It can be your parents, teacher or school counselor or even your best friend. Just confide in him/her and you would feel exceedingly happy and elated.

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