Here are some tips on how to maintain friendships. These points would help in making friendships last.

How To Make Friendships Last

Home Staging is brushing up of your existing house. It is about creating the best impression with whatever kind of home you have got. Home Staging makes your house look better and bigger. For getting your own residence staged, you could get the services of professional home stagers. Or you could yourselves learn how to home stage.
Enhance the Entrance
Entrance makes the first impression on your guests’ mind. So start with the entrance. A fine entry sets the tone for the whole visit. You could paint the front door in a cheerful color. Some seasonal potted plants would refresh the entry. Put a fresh coir or sea grass mat. Polish the existing knocker, lockset, porch light, house numbers and mailbox. The entrance will have a new look now.
Color Creativity
Choose right paint for the walls. And with a bit of creativity, you could add elegance to the color. Pick up the colors according to the use of the room. For example, calming blue will do fine in the sleeping room. Choose the color of the things in the room in harmony with the colors on the wall. A painting or two could enhance the effect of the color scheme.
Remove Clutter
Too much furniture or things would clutter up your house. Remove half of unnecessary furniture from your house and you would see that the house would look much bigger than it previously did. In particular, give the drawing room a clean and uncluttered look. Remember a rule. If you don’t use a piece of furniture, do away with it.
Purposeful Rooms
If you have an extra room, keep it for making special spaces like meditation space, exercise room, prayers room or just a game room. This will give you a sense of having a dream room.

Things start looking stagnant if they remain at a place for a long time. So if an article has been kept at a particular place for long, just change its place. Interchange furniture, artwork and accessories between rooms and everything will look changed.

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