How to make up after a fight is one of the most difficult tasks in a relationship. Making up with your partner is essential to save the relation you share with him/her.

How To Make Up

Every relationship has its own charisma and appeals differently. As there are always two people involved in a relationship, disagreements are bound to take place, owing to the difference in opinion and perspective. This leads to fights and disagreements between the two, making the relationship strenuous. However, once the fire settles down on both sides and the person at fault realizes his/her mistake, it is the time to make up, which is a difficult task to accomplish. This is because the guilty person is filled with feelings of guilt and also fears the reaction that the other might give. Read on to know how to make up after a fight.
Making Up With Your Partner 
  • Begin by saying 'sorry'. Though it might not be enough at times, but it will surely help bring the other person to the table to talk.
  • Communicate your true feelings to other person, in a very precise manner. This will allow you to get to the core issue directly and also help others to understand your stand.
  • In case you feel guilty for what happened, be courageous enough to take the responsibility. This should begin with owning up to your part in the argument, without blaming the other person for it, as this may lead to yet another heated discussion.
  • Don't focus on just being 'right'. This is because such an attitude will keep the argument going. It's a no-win situation and prevents you from connecting with your partner.
  • Learn a lesson from the argument. If your arguments are repetitive, it means that there hasn't been any learning on your part. Try not to repeat the same issues again and again, as it stresses your unwillingness to work over things.
  • Do not try to control the other person, as he/she will understand things in his/her own way and at his/her own pace. Focus on yourself and your pace of learning. Forcing the other person to do things won't get you anywhere.
  • Always appreciate your partner after an argument, as it is a great time to re-balance your relationship. Notice and express those things that you like about your partner.
  • In case you have had a nasty argument, make an agreement with your partner, to prevent such a situation in future.

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