You have had a fight with your girlfriend, but do not know how to make up with her? Browse through this article and know how to win her back after a fight.

How To Win Her Back After A Fight

Whenever two people are involved in a relationship, whether its parent and child, brother and sister or friends, fights are bound to happen. This is because no two people are alike and difference of opinion is something that will happen and you need to learn to live with it. However, at times, fights blow out of proportion, especially the ones between a guy and his girlfriend, and people stop talking to each other altogether. In case you are also one of the guys who are facing the problem, this article is just perfect for you. Read on and know how to make up with your girlfriend after a fight.
How to Win Her Back after a Fight
First of all, you need to apologize to her, in person, and say that ‘You Are Sorry’, even if you are not to be blamed completely. For the time being, take the whole blame on you and ask her to forgive you. Remember, your ego is not bigger than your love and taking the blame on you, for sometime, will not make you small. You need to make up and not break up.
Take Her Out
Get her out of the situation in which you guys had a fight. If she likes watching movies, take her to the theater. A candlelit dinner is another very good and romantic option. The whole idea is to let her forget about the fight and be her usual, cheerful self. In case, she is not ready to go out with you, don’t push her. Say that you will be waiting for her and she can give you a call whenever she feels like it.
Shopping is one of the best ways to make her feel better. Believe me; nothing elevates the mood of a female more than shopping. If she has started talking to you again, suggest shopping to her. In most probability, she will be ready to give you a chance to make up to her, for the fight. However, be sure to take her to only those shops from where you can afford to buy.
Sit and Talk
After you are sure that she has caLmed down completely, it is the time to sit back and initiate the subject of your fight. However, see whether she is ready to discuss anything or not. If she isn’t, don’t force her and forget the topic for sometime. If she is, try to explain what happened and where both of you went wrong. Don’t accuse her of anything; just make her realize that she also made a mistake.
Never Mention the Topic Again
After your fight is over and she has realized her mistake too, it is the time to move on. Don’t keep hanging on to the past and remembering the fight. It is over, both of you learnt the lesson and now, it is the time to forget about it. Make sure that you do not keep mentioning the fight and her mistake, every time you have a disagreement. It will only lead to more problems.

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