Are you looking for some ways of escaping a bad date? Go through this article and get information on how to escape a bad date.

How To Escape A Bad Date

How may times have you been on a blind date and ended up having a strong dislike for the person sitting across the table? On the other hand, it might have happened that you met the person at a party, where he/she seemed to be quite agreeable and you agreed to go on date. However, hardly few minutes into the date and you feel as if you are bored to death. What to do now? Escaping from a bad date is not a very difficult task, but you need to handle it with tact, lest you ending up hurting your partner. In the following lines, we have provided a number of ways to escape bad date.
How to Escape a Bad Date 
  • Before going on a date, always keep one of your friends as backup. Tell him/her exactly what your plans are for that day and that he/she should be prepared to help you out.
  • Arrive at the venue a few minutes earlier and stay a little away from the place you were supposed to meet, at a distance where you can see him/her, not the other way round. The way your date behaves when you are not around will give an idea as to whether it is even worth going or not.
  • In case you feel that your date is behaving like a jerk when you are not there, just give him/her a call and make up an emergency that you have to attend to, right now. Apologize and say that you will call later.
  • In case your date looked from a distance, go ahead and have a chat. Few minutes with him/her and you will know whether you will able to go through the dating time or not.  
  • If you feel like escaping from there, make an excuse to go to the restroom. Once there, call your friend and ask him to call you back after 10 minutes, with an imaginary emergency situation.
  • Go back to your date and start having a conversation. Do not look nervous. As soon as your friend calls, start reacting appropriately, looking concerned and worried. In this case, acting skills sure help.
  • Put down the phone and tell your date that you have encountered an emergency and have to leave immediately. Make sure to apologize and say that you will try to call back later.
  • If your date offers to help, say that it is a private affair and you need to attend it personally. Say 'thank you' for his offer and be on your way out, almost immediately. 
Some Other Ways 
  • Get your date to leave you. Do gross things like chewing food with your mouth open or making inappropriate comments about him/her or even making a pass at the waiter/waitress.
  • Out of the blue, start rummaging your purse or pockets, as if you are looking for something important, like your medication, keys or wallet. A few seconds later, behave as if you have lost or forgotten it and have to leave to get it back. If your date offers help, refuse.
  • In case your date has come to your home, send him/her on an errand. Few minutes later, walk out of the house, lock it and go at your friend's place. Call up your date, saying some emergency has come and you had to leave immediately.

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