Dressing appropriately on the first date is vital to create a lasting impression on your partner. Check out the tips given in the article and learn more about first date wardrobe.

First Date Wardrobe

Oh the dread of getting ready for the first date! We have all been through that––suddenly it feels like we have got nothing decent to wear and we are the worst dressers in the whole word, isn’t it? No, we do not blame you for feeling that way; we understand that you absolutely do not want this date to fail and especially because of the way you dress! On your nerves-filled first date you have to look astonishing in order to feel super sexy about yourself, because do not forget, what you feel is what he or she is going to feel about you. You must impress this chick or bloke with your attics and impeccable dressing. Well, we happen to believe that throughout your dating timeline you should dress to kill but there is no undermining the perils of not dressing up to the mark on your very first date. It is a hard-hard task to dress like yourself and still upbeat it. We bet you want to go and see the potential love of your life in your favorite pair of pajamas, for it is so comfy and truly says ‘who you are’ but you cannot! If you do not dress sharp then this person might end up thinking that you really do not care much about the date––and if you actually do then why give the wrong idea? But, you also do not want to come across as the ‘high-maintenance’ kind––trust us! It will scare him or her off. Sexiness lies in striking the right balance; let us teach you how. Read on to know exactly what your first date wardrobe should be like.
Dressing Tips For First Date
For Men
  • Drop your need to be in your casual hoodie and low-hanging jeans for the special night and spruce up for this special lady. Women care about physical appearances a lot. If you will put on your best dress it will make her feel like she is worth it; you surely do not want to lose a chance to make her feel that way.
  • If it is a casual date and you have asked her out to a pub or cafe or to a sporting event or, then dress up accordingly. The occasion demands for an outdoorsy outfit but yet not too casual or shoddy. You still have to look smart and interesting. Please stay away from the dangers of outdated fashion. Wear the smart stuff that is in vogue. Remember––no sweatpants or athletic pants, you are not going for a jog with her! Wear smart jeans and a nice short-sleeved collared shirt. You can try a sports jacket on the top of it. Couple it up with a nice leather belt and a sexy wrist watch and you are good to go! If it is sunny then do not forget the pair of sunglasses that brings out your jaw-line.
  • If you are setting off for an urban setting dinner date then dress up like you are going to see the president! No slackness will go unnoticed! Suit-up like a man and bring out the gallant gentleman in you. Clooney will be the right inspiration at this point! Bring out your favorite suit, you may or may not wear a tie or bowtie, depending on the demand of the place where you are going to. If you are going to a high-end theatre then a bowtie will be an icing on the cake. Otherwise a semi-casual sleek cut suit is what we will put our ten bucks on! You can pull back your hair with a good amount of gel and go clean shaven. The idea is to look like a gentleman without dramatizing it.
For Women
  • First and foremost, where is it you are heading to? If you do not know where this guy is taking you then the chance is that you will fail! You need to know whether you are out to a casual setting or a more formal one. Although there are few tricks that you can use if it is a surprise date, like wearing a boho dress with a nice flow in it, along with a sleek and smart black jacket on the top of it, to cater to both casual and formal at the same time, but why take the risk! It is simple; if you know where you are going then you know what you are wearing!
  • If it is a casual setting date then wear your favorite casual dress, throw on some designer high heels and jazz it up with a funky handbag! Your makeup should be light and hair should look mad fun. You can try wild curls or the shag look for your hair. He will not be able to resist you if you will touch it all up with a devil red matte lip color. Nude colors in dresses are a favorite these days; why not try a nude dress with beige heels and that red color on those lips!
  • For a classy first date slip into that beautiful little black dress and don a ballerina bun with it, along with smoky eye makeup. You can never go wrong with it on a formal first date. If you are the ‘reserved lady’ kinds and you do not want to get into a LBD out of fear of looking risque, wear a sleek black full length gown with those beautiful pearls that your grandmother gave you. He will be compelled to treat you like a lady!

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