Infidelity is characterized by loss of interest in the existing relationship. Check out the article to get information about the warning signs of infidelity.

Warning Signs Of Infidelity

Do you find that the relationship with your spouse/partner is not the way it used to be? Is the change in the attitude of your significant half causing you sleepless nights and the loss of a peaceful mind? Are you wondering whether these changes are the result of an affair? Having an affair and cheating on the existing relationship often alters the behavior of a person. To be on the safer side, it is better to monitor the changes related to your partner's behavior. In the following lines, we have listed the warning signs of infidelity. Go through them and know which side of the coin your partner is on.
Telltale Signs Of Infidelity
Change In Physical Appearance
When your partner is cheating on you, he/she may undertake efforts to alter his/her physical appearance. This might be your partner's way to impress somebody else, who has walked into his/her life recently. He/she may opt for as much as a complete makeover or just shop for new clothes and shoes.
Change In The Behavior
Be watchful of the difference in the behavior of your partner. When he/she is engaged with somebody else, he/she may either feel guilty (for cheating on you) or feel relieved to get rid of you. While your partner's guilt may cause him/her to show unusual care or concern for you, he/she may totally ignore you, in the latter case.
Your Partner Speaks About New Things
People cheating on their partner often tend to speak about new people, place and things. While he/she may normally talk about the new places or things, talking about the entry of an entirely new person in his/her life should be noted.
Change In Working Hours
Watch out for a drastic change in your partner's work habits. If he/she reaches home late, on a regular basis, you may need to inquire about the reason behind the change in the working hours. You may approach his/her colleague for the purpose. The reason for late coming will automatically become clear to you.
Spending Less Time With You
If a person is cheating on you, he will spend less time with you. The need to work late, staying away from home for a long time and frequent business trips are some of the warning signs of infidelity. He/she may find it better to spend time with his/her friends, rather than being at home with you.
Increase In The Expenses
Extramarital affairs cost a lot of bucks. If your partner is having an affair, he/she might want to buy occasional gifts for his/her new love interest. Be watchful of the extra bills pouring in. Check the recent credit card settlements and cash withdrawals. Monitoring the finances is important, if you want to know the truth.
Disrupted Sexual Life
Infidelity often affects sexual life. People, who are cheated on by their spouse/partner, often complain about the lack of "spark" in their love life. This is because the person who cheats his/her partner would not find enough excitement in the relationship, as he/she has already found somebody else to fulfill his/her sexual needs.

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