Cases of infidelity are on the rise all around the world. It is time we explore the various possibilities and common causes for such increase in marital infidelity cases.

Causes Of Infidelity

When one finds out that he/she has been cheated by his/her spouse, the first question that knocks the mind is ‘Why’? Trust is one of the important virtues that sustain a relationship. It is trust that is said to be the base of a strong bond between two people in a relationship. Most of the people trust their partners implicitly and the faith increases with time. When life seems rosy, suddenly everything can become topsy-turvy, when one finds out that his/her partner has resorted to cheating, lies and deceit. This is when the hurt partner starts exploring the causes behind the infidelity.
Common Causes Of Marital Infidelity
One cannot put a single reason for infidelity. The causes of infidelity are deep-rooted. Though betrayal of trust and cheating by your partner can never be foreseen, there are chances that you can prevent your partner from going ashtray, if you know the common causes behind the problem of infidelity. In this context, the information given below might prove handy. 
  • Love and affection is the bond that keeps two people tied to each other. However, in many cases, over the course of time, the love almost dies. The couple remains tied to a dead relationship for a long time, which can be traced as one of the top-most causes of infidelity. The need for love and importance is the main reason for such cases of infidelity.
  • There are times when a partner starts feeling neglected by his/ her better half. Most of the spouses expect to enjoy the most prominent position in their partner’s life. In case the partner starts paying more attention to career, children, social life or relatives, the spouse starts feeling neglected. In such a case, many people tend to look for love from an alternative source, which leads to having an affair.
  • Middle-age and low self-esteem go hand in hand. Most people in their middle age suffer from declining self-worth, due to various reasons, like lack of appreciation, work stress and aging. They start considering themselves less wanted and less valued. In order to prove their worth, that they are still valued, the most effective way is to go ahead and have an ‘extramarital’ affair.
  • Spending too little time with your partner can also increase the chances of infidelity. In the run for shaping a great career and making big money, people tend to become inattentive to the needs and desires of their partner. The partners, in such cases, look outside for company, for a person who can talk to them and understand them.
  • One of the important causes of infidelity is falling out of love. In certain scenarios, it has been found that the erstwhile love between the couples completely dies off. In such cases it is extremely different to put things in order again. To keep the desire of love alive in your partner, communicate closely, share responsibilities and find time for each other.
  • At times, a person gets simply attracted to another person, in spite of a marital bonding. They go ahead and act on it thinking that their partner will not come to know of it.
  • Boredom and the feeling of being trapped in a marriage is another common cause of infidelity. When these two feelings crop up in the mind of a person, he/she tends to look for external stimulation. It’s the feeling that he/she will receive something new from outside, which his/her long time partner will not be able to give, accentuates the scope of having an ‘extramarital’ affair.
  • Having a partner who does not understand you is another of the common causes of infidelity. Many a times, a person gets married due to pressures from the family, rather than love. In such cases, two incompatible people might end up getting married. They are simply not made for each other. In such circumstances, it is the need for a person with the same mentality that results in infidelity.

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