The baffling mystery of Bermuda triangle poses as one of the biggest challenge for the world to explore. With this article, know why is Bermuda triangle considered mysterious?

Why Is Bermuda Triangle Considered Mysterious?

The triangular area off the south-east coast of the United States bounded by Bermuda, Puerto-Rico and Florida is known as Bermuda Triangle. Popularly called Devil's Triangle, it is a mysterious region which holds the record of engulfing everything in its vicinity - be it ships, airplanes, helicopters or men. Once entered, no one has ever returned from it. Ships and aircrafts fail to send radio signals and disappear mysteriously in the deep.
The Bermuda Triangle Mystery 
The first identified incidence, which was brought to the forefront, was on December 5, 1945. The mysterious disappearance of five Avenger torpedo bombers of the US Navy, when they were on a routine training flight over the Atlantic Ocean, created much hype across the globe. To add to the anonymity, the large Mariner flying boat that was sent for the search operation also went missing. Shortly after this incidence, it was found that there were quite a few ships and aircrafts that had gone absconding in the yester years.
It is believed that around 20 aircrafts and 50 vessels have gone missing over the years. Though there has been no definite explanation for the unexplained occurrence at the Bermuda triangle, some of the bizarre justifications say that there are extra-terrestrials in that area. Other uncanny reasons include the presence of a huge magnet, the position of the moon, sudden appearing of giant waves, time/space warps and electrostatic charges, as the cause for sudden desertion of ships and aircrafts.
Even though there have been many attempts to unravel the mysterious nature of Bermuda triangle, no one has been able to put forth a fully convincing account. While some believe that violent downward air currents destroyed the ships and planes and swift ocean currents carry wreckage away, the others are of the notion that presence of strong currents that ceases the radio signals. One of the most authentic theories is of Dr Richard McIver, who argues that the presence of methane hydrate is the cause for sudden disappearance.
His theory states that methane hydrate is found in huge quantities in many parts of the sea floor and is concentrated in some places on continental slopes such as the Bermuda Triangle. The molecular composition of methane gas is such that after a break-up, even a small area witnesses a large gas release. The deposits that pile up in the slopes of the edge of continental plates are unstable in nature and have the possibility of tumbling down. When such a situation arises, it removes the hydrate layer, releasing the methane gas trapped below.  

This causes an area of decreased density, which is why the ships get drowned. Methane gas, when mixed with air in the correct proportions is highly explosive, which could account for the disappearance of aircrafts. Whatever it is, Bermuda triangle is still one of the unsolved mysteries of the world.

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