Self sufficient living is a good option to stay independent in today's world. Check out the tips given below to know how to live self sufficiently.

Self Sufficient Living

In today's highly competitive world, where economies are becoming extremely complicated, the cost of living has become extremely high. The recent economic recession has added to our woes and made things even tougher. This has put unimaginable pressure and strain on households to survive and meet their daily needs. Many families are struggling to meet their basic necessities and as such, it has become extremely important to think deeply and lead an economic life. In case you are also clueless about how to fight the pressing situation and live life self sufficiently, go through this article. We have provided some great tips here, which will prove to be immensely fruitful in your endeavor. These little things will help you achieve bigger targets and indeed resolve your problem. So, let us know more about living self sufficiently.
Tips To Be Self Sufficient 
  • Alternative energy strategies are one of the most beneficial ways of self sufficient living. As all forms of energy have become expensive, these alternative methods can provide an affordable solution to your worries. You can use wood stoves, which would employ burning of wood for your needs. You can also use waterwheel energy to meet your requirements. Solar energy can also bring down the cost of energy consumption considerably.
  • Grow your own vegetable garden. It can be a great way of reducing your grocery bill. Not only are such vegetables nutritious, but also cost effective. Such a garden can be a vital option to make yourself independent, as it will lead to great savings on your part.
  • Preservation of your own food is a good way to escape from the expensive canned food items. This can be done with the help of processes such as canning, freezing, salt curing, jellying and drying. All these processes stop the deterioration of foods and preserve them for later use. Thus, you can enjoy off-season food items, that too at a low cost.
  • Raising your own chickens will make you self reliant in way that it will not only give you eggs, but also meat, whenever you need to treat yourself. You can also consider raising your own cows, whereby you can get your own daily supply of milk and also meat.
  • Instead of purchasing ready-made and canned food products, try preparing the items at home, if you can squeeze in some extra time from your work schedule. This way, you will not only be able to cut down the cost, but also maintain a healthy lifestyle. Some of the products that you can easily make at home with minimal effort are butter, cheese, yogurt and beer.
  • Harvesting your own honey or bee-keeping is a very profitable trade that provides immense benefits in lieu of small investment. After keeping honey for your own daily needs, you can sell the rest to meet your expenses.
  • Every month, you spend loads of money on the purchasing of cleansing and other beauty products. You can cost cut on some of these products by preparing homemade beauty products, from naturally available materials like aloe-vera and hibiscus.

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