Win energy is generated by harnessing winds, mainly through windmills, and has a large number of advantages. Let us explore the benefits of using wind energy.

Advantages Of Wind Energy

Wind has been in existence since the inception of earth and sun and will continue to be available till mankind is in existence. The use of wind, for the purpose of creating energy, is not new. Sailboats and sailing ships have been making use of wind power for over 5,500 years. However, harnessing of wind energy, through windmills, is believed to have been first done in the 1st century AD. With time, wind energy lost its sheen and fossil fuels powered energy sources started taking its place. However, the benefits of wind energy have forced people to come back to this age-old energy source. Let us know something about the advantages of using wind energy.
Benefits of Wind Energy 
  • One of the best and most valuable advantages of wind energy is that it is totally pollution free.
  • Wind energy is inexhaustible. As long as winds blow on earth, this energy will always be there for us to harness.
  • As we use more and more of wind energy, less and less fossil fuels will be burnt. This, in effect, means less pollution.
  • Wind energy can be harnessed anywhere and everywhere in the world, unlike fossil fuels that are available only in some countries.
  • Harnessing wind energy is very cheap as compared to the fossil fuels that have skyrocketing prices.
  • Unlike fossil fuels, wind does not take ages to be made. It is always readily available.
  • Since wind is free, the price of wind power is stable. This is unlike energy from fossil fuel powered sources, whose prices may vary considerably.
  • Wind energy serves as the perfect mode of electricity for remote areas that cannot be connected to the main electricity grid.
  • Harnessing wind energy can help create jobs in numerous areas, such as manufacturing, construction and environmental management services.
  • The land on which a wind mill is set up can still be used for other purposes, such as cattle grazing.

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