Check out things to keep in mind while writing two weeks notice letter.

How To Write A Two Week Notice

In almost all the companies, the employee is supposed to give a notice period before leaving the job. Though the span of notice period differs from one organization to another, it is seen that often the companies demand a minimum notice period of two weeks. So, when you have finally made your mind to leave, you should write a notice letter to intimate your employer about your intentions. Though writing a notice letter is easy, it also requires you to be careful and tactful. With the tips given below, know how to write a two week notice.
Writing Two Weeks Notice Letter 
  • A notice letter should mention the date on which you are writing the notice.
  • This should be followed by the address of the person you are sending the notice letter to.
  • After this, comes the welcoming salutation with the super-fix, sir or madam.
  • Now the introductory paragraph should be written, wherein you should mention details about yourself, such as your name, post, your term of employment, reasons for leaving the job, etc.
  • Followed by this, the body of the letter is written, wherein you can mention the benefits you have attained by being a part of the company. This can include specific points regarding your growth, thereby showing appreciation for your employer.
  • After finishing the body, write the closing salutation such as ‘sincerely’, followed by your name.
  • Make sure that while writing the letter, you keep it positive. Do not make any sort of accusations or write complaints in the notice. This is done to leave an open door, in case you might want to join back.
  • Make sure that you mention the exact date of your last working day, as a courtesy as well as to avoid any misunderstanding.
  • Inform the employer in case you will not able to complete your projects in the notice period, so that he is able to make arrangements beforehand.

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