If you want to know how to be smart, read the tips given below. Check out the tips given below on how to become smart.

How To Be Smart

Smartness as a quality has many criteria; some people consider getting good grades, performing well academically, high IQ levels as smart while there are other people who think that day to day intelligence, common sense and street smartness is the real smart. Whatever the criterion is, fact remains the same that smartness is a quality in human beings that lets them make intelligent decisions for themselves and expand their horizons with knowledge and learning. Smartness is not an attribute that you are born with; you can achieve smartness with hard work, perseverance and keen observation. One might be born with the qualities that help them to achieve smartness, like: sharp memory, great observing power and a natural curiosity. These can truly help someone to become more smart and intelligent. Having said that, it does not mean that only the ones born with these qualities are supposed to be smart and the rest of us can only imagine being one. Like we mentioned, being smart is everyone’s prerogative. The categories of ‘smart’ can also differ; some people are smart in certain aspects of life like art, science or mathematics but there are other categories of ‘smart’ as well like finance, acting, etc. All the people want to be smart because to be honest in the 21st century, there is no survival without smartness. Everything in life is about juggling resources and technologies, only if a person is smart and understands various things in life in their full capacities then only he/she can live a qualitative life. Smartness is also the kind of factor that needs an update from time to time; one should be aligned with new knowledge and inventions to be able to perform well in everything with changing times. If you want to be smarter here are some simple tips to follow.
Tips To Be Smart
Believe That You Can
If you believe that you can be smart and that you have the capacity to achieve anything, then believe it or not you will be able to achieve it much quicker and faster. Your ability to absorb a lot of knowledge around you will also increase. Such is the power of positive thinking. The positive attitude will make you ask more questions and explore more answers; you will feel much more open and freer in your pursuit of intelligence. If you feel like you lack smartness in certain area of life then do not let anybody tell you that you are not capable of it. Everybody learns from experience and practice. If you feel like you are a slow learner then tell yourself that it is not a big deal, if someone quickly grasps something then you might take a little while longer; that does not make you any less capable from anyone. If you pull yourself down or are pompous about yourself, you become conceited in that idea and would not be able to open yourself to knowledge.
Pick & Choose
It is a fact that you will not be able to grasp and learn everything in life. You need to be decide about what knowledge you require and what knowledge and learning you can pass. It is also a fact that not everything will make you smart; everything will make you more knowledgeable but not necessarily smart. Smartness is acquired from learning things that you can apply in life in one way or the other. Like, if you ask your child to listen to classical music, he will gain more knowledge about classical music but it will not necessarily make him/ her smart. Similarly, people think that sitting too much on the internet makes you dumber which is not true because it entirely depends on how you use it. Internet is a wide source of knowledge, one can always benefit from it if it is used judiciously.
Push Yourself
Try to do things the hard way; do not depend way too much on technology. Depending on technology has made our lives easier and we lose the zeal to do things with our own hands. If we do things from the grass root level and struggle with its difficulties with nothing but our brain power, it makes our mind sharp and we learn things quicker. When we push our limits to learn something, we learn it for a lifetime.
Physical Exercise
A healthy mind resides in a healthy body; if you will keep your body fit then you will have more energy to expand your knowledge. If you are always tired and you feel lazy, the chances are that you will not even make an effort to understand and observe what is right in front of you. One should eat right and get regular exercise to increase the intellectual capacity, productivity and creativity. There are studies to show that there is a direct link between healthy body and increased mental capacity.
Read as much as you can; it is the sure shot way to boost your intelligence as it makes your imagination richer and is a great source of knowledge. Whatever you read every day, give your mind an exercise to reflect on it, think about its various aspects. If you will make reading your daily habit then you will inculcate capacity to read quickly and absorb with the same speed.
For thousands of years we have known the multifaceted benefits of meditation on our mind and body. With regular meditation, our mind becomes calmer and more focused. There are studies to prove that meditation increases the functionality of the brain, sharpening the memory and improving the attention span. With a much calmer mind, you will be able to concentrate better.

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