Learning street smartness is a necessity in today’s world. Read on this article to know how to be street smart.

How To Be Street Smart

With all the crimes happening and the criminals roaming around us, being street smart is not about being cynical. Actually, knowing the skills of street smartness is necessary for a safe and secure life. You may say that the world is quite safe and you don’t have to live in a paranoia just because of some buggers, it is not true. Actually there are some things in life which are experiential, that is we learn to grow into it, not by reading but by practicing in reality. Education may teach you all the college stuff, but it is not a bigger teacher than life. Life teaches you by expediency and unless you practice street smartness, you won’t be able to handle the glitch situation. With all the negativity going around us, it is a big test to remain safe and secure. Explore the pointers given below to know how to be street smart.
Ways To Be Street Smart 
  • Know the neighborhood where you are living especially when you are living alone. choose an area which is safe and
  • Follow your instinct. If you think someone may be following you then maybe it is correct. Don’t panic and change your route often and if it still persists take professional help.
  • Don’t live alone if you can help it especially for women. Even if you are living alone, make sure that you live in a secure building. Install safety locks and double coverings for the doors and windows. Peer through the key hole before you open the door.
  • Never be off guard even when you are at your comfort zone. Keep a pepper spray or a sharp object with you all the time.
  • Carry a mobile and have the important numbers on speed dial. keep your phone charged all the time so that it wouldn’t switch off when you need it.
  • Avoid going out alone at night and to unknown places. Request your friends to come with you. Don’t take unknown shortcuts, it’s better to be safe than sorry.
  • Don’t entertain strangers and invite them to your home. Any time his mind could change and persuade him to commit crime.
  • When you are shopping, it is always better to carry your cards instead of cash as cash attracts unwanted attention and may even invite criminals.
  • Buy a dog; in case you live alone, there is no better friend for you than a dog. However, instead of going for a show dog, go for breeds like Golden Retriever or a German Sheppard.
  • Take self-defense class. It will help you prepare for bad situations.
  • Don’t be too flashy of your wealth. Keep a low profile at your workstation and while you go out. It will not attract any illicit attention.
  • Don’t hesitate to take help. Shout for help and call for police. There is nothing to be embarrassed of.
  • Dress like the native. Most crimes occur because the person attracts attention by showing he/she is not from the place. Wear the clothes which blends with the local environment and you wouldn’t draw attention.
  • Learn to ignore. If a guy comments and say something, instead of getting all worked up, ignore him.
  • Don’t act scared and paranoid. Keep a brave front. Act nonchalant but keep watchful eyes.

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